#CollegeDress: What to wear in college

Time lost is lost. These college days and these college festivals will never come back. So why not make a most of it and make them memorable and cherished!

What a fun it would be to spruce up your college fresher party in an organized manner? Here are some tips for latest types of dresses and accessories for girls who are entering college and attending college fresher party.

College days are the days of stylish nomads when our dressing style either makes perfect sense or it makes no sense yet looks cool. We love to try the new things everyday and sometimes want to wear that lazy attitude and try something so not stylish but still very cool. Sometimes weekend sounds so interesting with even boring laboratories formulas. Selecting dress for that special 1 day of college is very difficult task for all the girls.

Don’t worry girls here are some outfits you can try out to look your best in college.

  • Jacket Kurtis – pick out bossy adhere jacket Kurtis and pair these jacket Kurtis with khadi or cotton pants or palazzos. Jacket can be opened or closed or can be lacked up as well. If you are the last moment of hurry and don’t have jackets kurti then you can pick straight kurti also.


  • Indo-western style- Indo Western style kurti showcase contemporary weaves and traditional craftsmanship such as goti embroidery. You can wear these kurti as the way you like. Wear it with palazzo, denims, leggings and other types of salwar.


  • Off shoulder dress- want to look hot this summer? Wear off shoulder dress for your college fresher party and select bright color for the day. Just wear the smile and carry the outfit confidently by wearing denim sinkers or white shoes. Wear a fancy wristwatch and leave the look just as it is.


  • Denim forever – wear your old faded denim jeans and get a loose spaghetti top with denim jacket. There is no need to get serious on jewellery but footwear is a serious matter. For a twist wear boat shoes and click on studded metallic wristwatch.


Now you know what to wear and how to wear. Just be ready to handle all the attention you are going to get from college guys!

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#NailArt: Christmas Nails Design Made Easy

Don’t you look gorgeous when you have got your nails done on special occasions. But that pretty look costs you a fortune, especially on special occasions. Well, we don’t want you to spend a hefty dough to look pretty, we rather can help you do it on your own. Yes, we have brought to you a very-very simple method of creating fabulous nail art for this Christmas and that too at home. And guess what, you don’t even need to buy any fancy material from the market.. So go on, get excited and look pretty –

We will be sharing a hell lot of other good stuff with you on our YouTube channel on a very regualr basis. Stay tuned and be an updated Diva!




Diwali Outfits: What to wear on Diwali

Diwali is the only festival which allows you to grab the Indian stuff that you have and you can be the designer for yourself on this festival. In today’s time, you don’t need to match the outfits, this is all about contrasts. Make amazing outfits for yourself to

  • The first outfit that you should try is the very elegant floor length dress and make it a pair with a graceful banarasi dupatta, this dress is a must try.


  • The mirror work anarkali suit with a plain chiffon dupatta as it gives you a decent look and it really is an effortless piece of outfit that you can go for.


  • The outfit that is so much “IN” is the dhoti suit which looks stunningly beautiful. A crop top with dhoti, which can be paired with a contrast shrug. Outfits like these really look very fancy and you should definitely consider this for yourself.


  • You can also grab that A-line kurta and it can be paired with a skirt or a palazzo and go with a printed dupatta with this outfit. Something which is so amazing about this outfit is the way in which the fusion of a simple kurta is paired with a skirt or a palazzo gives you a great look and can be executed so perfectly.


  • This 3 piece cocktail dress is a must try. Pair a spaghetti crop top with a long skirt to give a casual lehanga look. You can also go with the shrug with this outfit, it’s your choice. It can be paired with this perfectly amazing dupatta to have the royal look this Diwali.
  • Now coming to the saree, if you are a saree person. Then grab an easy breezy crop spaghetti or choli that you have with a plain saree. Pair it with a graceful silver choker. It will give you a super elegant look.


Accessories are going to complement your outfit. So, you can go with-

  • These tassel earrings give you a spontaneous look and it is a must-have in your wardrobe for the Indian look.


  • The double ear chaand baalis when paired with Indian wear gives a magnificent look.


  • A long silver necklace with coins and pendant paired with plain kurtis gives an amazing look.


This Diwali, enhance your beauty and give that perfect Indian look to yourself. You can be your own designer when you know what kind of outfits does your body make you look radiant and comfortable! Happy Diwali!

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Manicure and Pedicure at Home!

Every girl loves getting pampered, and if you want to feel like a queen, you can’t exclude #manicure and #pedicure, can you? These both heavenly treatments involve a deep relaxation along with the cleaning bit. However, the problem is expensive saloons. If you want to get these done then in saloon you end up paying INR 700-1000 for the basic one. it’s highly disappointing for one to get it done on a limited budget. If that’s the case for you, don’t worry at all, iChhori will get you to it that too by using the home found items. And you can even add cold drink or cold coffee to the list.

Things that you need at home for manicure and pedicure:

  1. Hot water
  2. Rock salt/salt
  3. Towel
  4. Loaf
  5. Nail filer
  6. Nail cutter
  7. Honey
  8. Massage cream
  9. Lemon
  10. Baby oil or any other good oil

You can also add up flowers for good feel and fragrance.

Once you have all these listed items, let’s get to the procedure of pedicure:

  • Take a tub, which will allow you to dip your legs in it. Add warm water to it.
  • Add rock salt and lemon juice to the water.
  • Soak your legs in the water for around 10 min.
  • Take one leg out and start cleaning and shaping your nails. By now your skin has become soft.
  • Once done with cutting just massage your nails and legs with cream, this with make them soft and clean.
  • Do this process to both the legs and clean them with the towel.
  • Now take a lemon and rub it over the feats to remove all the tan, lemon has an amazing effect on the tan part.
  • Now dip the legs and clean away the lemon
  • Again pat dry your legs and with honey and loaf remove the dead skin.
  • Honey soothes the skin and will get you rid of those dead skin.
  • Now clean the legs with water and apply a coat of honey and keep it for 10 min
  • Wash your legs away and apply baby oil and have a happy feet day.


Now that your legs are pampered, you will be glad to know that the same process goes for manicure also. So go ahead and don’t let your hands feel jealous of your pedicured legs.

All these home products have turned to give amazing results when used in the right way. They have no side effects on skin and so they can be your choice for pedicure and manicure. Have a great time taking care of your hands and legs and yes you can thank iChhori later. Without getting heart attack by heavy saloon bills, go out there and break some hearts by showing off your hands and legs! You know what we mean, don’t you?

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What is Camel Toe: How to Avoid it

Do you know what camel toe is? Well you must!

Camel toe is the outline of female genitalia means vagina that can appear when wearing tight clothing. If you are in public and your camel toe is popping out it can get you heaps of attention. Some might enjoy this attention and some might not.


In India, girls feel embarrassed if they are wearing tight underwear or legging and camel toe appears quite clearly. While in some other countries, showing off the camel toe has become a fashion trend. In fact it has become one of the bestseller on


If you are in a public place, office or public transport, camel toe becomes an awkward problem. It ruins your complete look when u just want to flaunt your toned figure and belly but the camel toe gets accentuated more.  It’s like that unwanted guest that pops out when you really have other plans on. So let’s share some tricks with you that can help you avoid this unwanted or attention freak guest-

The right size of jeans:

This is really important, will you believe that there are actually very few people who can find the right size of their pair of jeans.  So when we pick the wrong size, it creats an uneven fitting which keeps the genital area squeezed out between thighs. So always make sure when you pick the pair of jeans you pick the right size. And the jeans with a double layer of cloth at the genital area are the best picks.

Right innerwear:

Innerwear fabric is one of the main reasons that can make a hump out of your soft vagina. So try using cotton innerwear for a comfortable and good fit and this will create a balanced outlook. Be a wise girl and always choose the right kind of undergarments/bra/panty.

Sanitary Pads:

If you have tried your best in picking up the right kind of underwear and leggings but still see the camel toe then this trick can really help you out. Just place a pad or a sanitary napkin under your underwear and this will cover your flower evenly and avoid the toe. Pads come in all sizes and types so you can use the linen pad.

Right type of fabric:

Never go for fabrics like linen or anything that is very thin and has too much of elasticity. Try to use soft and comfortable fabric that can fit well on you.

Go for darker colours:

Light shades can make it impossible to cover the toe so if you know that the toe is a problem go for darker shades. Dark hides better, unless you want to really show it off!

If you are not being naughty and want to save that embarrassment in public, these tricks can help you in a big way. Ichhori says that go ahead and show off your personality not the camel toe. Guys should look at your level headed mind not soft skin between your legs!

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What is my Body Type and what to wear?

What to wear and what will look good on you depends on your body shape. Have you ever noticed there might be dresses that might not suit you and must have looked awesome on your friend instead? This is all because of the difference in your body shapes. Beauty comes in all the shapes; it’s just the right match which makes you look good. So if you don’t know what your beauty shape is then keep reading.

  1. The straight beauty:

If your body length is equal to breadth and form a straight body like a rectangle then this is your body type. This body is generally called a super body.  Since this body shape does not have a well-defined waistline your body looks straight. So here is what should be your pick for the season.

  • What to wear:

A tube dress or a tube top can be a perfect pick for you. You can also add a waist belt and create a waistline, this will make you look more beautiful.

  • What not to wear:

You need to say no to shapeless outfits. They will make you look weird and shapeless. Always go for proper fit dresses.


  1. The pear shape:

If you are pear or a triangle shaped body then you have broad hip section and a well-defined waistline. You can fault your waistline and make your body look sexy.

  • What to wear:

You can wear a boat neck top and body dress, which defines your body line. This will make you look beautiful.

  • What not wear:

Avoid wearing a tight skirt or anything that is uncomfortable on your butt.

  1. Apple shape:

You are an apple body shape if you have a larger bust than the hips, undefined waistline, smaller hip, and slimmer arms and legs, body shape is beautiful and can look gorgeous when you wear the right kind of clothes.

  • What to wear:

A line dress and V neck top are the best choices for you.

  • What not to wear:

Never go for a turtle or a round neck as they may not highlight your body shape.


  1. Hourglass body:

If you are this type then you are the lucky bee. You have a well-defined body with a proper uppercut and a lower cut. Your body doesn’t mess with the division. You have a well-defined waistline and can look beautiful in fit clothes.

  • What to wear:

A right bodysuit can be your pick for sure.

  • What not to wear:

No loose dresses please.


  1. Round body:

If you have a body that is round in shape, your bust will be larger than the rest of your body. The hips are narrow and the middle portion shall look full. Women with these body shapes tend to gain weight around stomach first and then the other parts of the body. The waist is not very well-defined and ends up being the widest section of the body. The buttocks are flat and legs are trim. Since your legs are the best asset, you should flaunt this the most.

  • What to wear:

A straight dress with a long jacket and a good pair of heels can be your perfect outfit.

  • What not to wear:

A tight body suit or anything which is a body hug is a big no for you.


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Footwear: What to wear in Monsoon

Monsoon season is here and I know for sure that you love to jump into the rain water every now and then! Or you are the kind of girl who is very scared of getting the shoes wet on a rainy road. Either ways you got to have a very good and suitable pair of shoes in this season of monsoon. May be you want to have some fun in the rain and may be you don’t want even a single drop of rain on your favorite pair of shoes. For both the types, let us help you find a suitable pair of footwear which you can wear and walk around in rain without worrying too much about your feet and your shoes-



Flip flops can really be the most comfortable footwear for the monsoons. This casual pair can be funky, colourful and can add a perfect vibe to your look. This pair is very sturdy for the monsoon and is very easy to clean if gets into mud. This pair is cool, funky and easy to carry. This kind of footwear can only be good for a casual wear but for formal or office wear, it is a big NO.

Slip-on footwear:


This cute little pair of shoes can make anyone look elegant and pretty in monsoon season. Whether it’s a casual wear or the demand of an official attire, this pair will not disappoint you for either of the occasion. Because of its versatile material, its easy to store, easy to carry and easy to clean. This type of footwear comes in great variety and you get to choose from a huge pool of options. They are also pocket-friendly which allows you to enjoy the monsoon even more. So and have your pick today.

High heels:


People say monsoon is no heel period, buts its wrong and you can pick heels in monsoon too. This can be perfect choice for a formal look or even for a high pitch monsoon party. Heels will allow you to walk in the rain with confidence without worrying about rainy water touhing your feet. So avoid that muddy and messy feet and walk high with heels. You don’t need to hide your already hidden Marilyn Monroe anymore!

Rain boots:

rain boots

If you are wearing rain boots and not having fun in the rain, people might just think that you are weird! And why blame them? Aferall monsoon is a season for fun and romance. So put on your boots and have heaps of fun. You can choose bright colors such as red or yellow or even black and flaunt them as much as you want. Let the boots attract all the attention while you dance in the rain.

Boots, flip-flops, sandals, slip-on etc can be your choices this monsoon. Chhori you select the colour and size of your choice and set a fashion trend up. Have a happy monsoon and happy feet!





Which breast? Which BRA?

You might not like to hear it but boys can recognize you from a distance not by looking at your face but your breasts. Yes, its true, even studies suggest that the first thing male notice in a female body is the breasts. You like it or not, boys are totally into your boobs, So you better take care of the lovely pair of breasts God has blessed you with. First step in taking care of your lovely babies is to find a right pair of BRA. Just like millions of females out there, are you confused about the right size, type etc too?. If you need some gyan (knowledge) on what type of breasts need what type of bra, you are reading the right article. If you have seen people staring at yours and others breasts, you might have known by now that all breasts are not created same by the God. Different females have got different size and type of breasts. Its difficult to know what type of bra will be fit and suitable for your breasts type but doctors have identified the difference in breasts and given them names. That means the process of finding the right bra for each chhori can be made simpler if the difference in types is available. The selection of right bra goes beyond just the size. Apparently, there’s also width, length, and support to think about. A bad pair of bra can be a problem while a right pair of bra can be better than your boyfriend!

Let’s show you some breasts now-

East to the west:

east to

This pair of the breast makes it very difficult to show your cleavage. If  one boob is to East then other one is to the extreme West. There is a big space in the center of the chest.T-shirt bra can be your best friend if you have this shape baby.

The bell baby:


This pair of breast is slim on top and fully round towards bottom. This type forms a bell shape. A full coverage bra can be your pick for sure. This will help you get that perfect coverage and confident look.

Round Round:


They are round in shape. And full from both the ends. They have a perfect look and are equal from all sides. These don’t need any particular support or coverage, so any thin line bra can be good to go with.



Most likely a small cup size, the breast is longer than wide. The width is generally less and petty. A plunge is your best pick. Try an outer cover padding bra.

The teardrop:

tear drop

They are the most desired shape as they have a fuller look and slight drop of nipple towards downward. This gives a perfect hugged pair look of the breast. You can pick any bra for this look based on your comfort look

The big and small or uneven breasts:


They are the most different shape. one breast is big and another one is small. They need underwire and full coverage bras to have a perfect look.



They are generally saggy and need lot of support.  They have a fall downward. A perfect unwired bra is perfect for these breasts.

No breast is perfect breast, but a right bra can make them look very attractive. So choose the right pair of bra girls and let the boys stare at your assets, why deprive them of something dreamy?






Latest Fashion Trend for Women – Cape

Do you know who Mira Rajput is?

Of course you do. She is the one who took Shahid away from all the lovely Chhories who used to fantasize about him. And if you can remember the wedding of Shahid and Mira Rajput, you must remember what Mira was wearing in one of the wedding parties in Delhi. Yes, it was cape. And you must accept that Mira Rajput brought the cape back into spotlight.

So what exactly is the history of this cape/cape dress anyway?

Capes were common in medieval Europe, especially when combined with a hood in the chaperon, and have had periodic returns to fashion. A cape is a sleeveless outer garment, which drapes the wearer’s back, arms and chest, and fastens at the neck.

In India, a few designers such as Manish Malhotra, Ridhi Mehra, Rahul Mishra, Taniya O’Connor and Jayanti Reddy have created some really attractive and fashionable capes.

You can wear cape in various styles and it will make you look stunning especially in this wedding season-

  • Cape with Palazzo


  • Cape with Lehenga


  • Cape with Dhoti Pants


  • Long Cape with Churidar


  • Cape with Gown





Do You Need to Kill Somebody? Just Drape a Sari

iChhori says a Naari in Saari can break a mirror!

Indian sari never goes out of style. Be it your Fresher’s party, your graduation ceremony, your farewell, marriage function, family function or an office party a Sari suits all occasions. And if you take care of your midriff while wearing sari, you better have cardio in the vicinity!

Today we are going to give you very valuable Gyan on various ways in which you can drape a sari to look your best on various occasions. These are authentic, classic and cultural ways which have been used around India by different communities and regions. Well there are more than eighty ways (oh yes, you read it right) you can a drape a sari in India. So let me list the various traditional ways of draping an Indian sari here-

Assamese– This sari style is three-set garment known Mekhela chador. The bottom portion, draped from the waist downwards is called Mekhela and veil is known as Chadar and is worn with long sleeve choli.

Khasi – Khasi style of sari is known as Jainsem which is made up of several pieces of cloth, giving the body a cylindrical shape.

Gujarati/Rajasthani/even Pakistani – after tucking in the pleats similar to the nivi style, the loose end is taken from the back, draped across the right shoulder, and pulled across to be secured in the back

Himalayan – Kulluvi Pattu is traditional form of woolen sari worn in Himachal Pradesh; women in Uttarakhand also use this way of draping a sari.

Nivi– This style originally is from Deccan region; besides the modern nivi, there is kaccha nivi, where the pleats are passed through the legs and tucked into the waist at the back. This allows free movement while covering the legs.

Bengali and Odia style– This style is worn without any pleats. Traditionally the Bengali style is worn without pleats where the saree is wrapped around in an anti-clockwise direction around the waist and then a second time from the other direction. The loose end is a lot longer and that goes around the body over the left shoulder. There is enough cloth left to cover the head as well. The modern style of wearing a saree originates from the Tagore family. Jnanadanandini Devi, the wife of Rabindranath Tagore’s elder brother Satyendranath came up with a different way to wear the saree after her stay in Bombay. This required a chemise or jacket (old name for blouse) and petticoat to be worn under the saree and made it possible for women to come out of the secluded women’s quarters in this attire.

Manipuri – This sari style is also worn with three-set garment known as Innaphi viel, Phanek lower wrap and long sleeved choli.

Nepal – Our hilly neighbor Nepal also has many different ways of draping sari, the most common being the Nivi drape. The Bhojpuri and Awadhi speaking community wears the sari sedha pallu like the Gujrati drape. The Mithila community has its own traditional Maithili drapes like the madhubani and purniea drapes but today those are rare and mostly sari is worn with the pallu in the front or the nivi style. Traditionally, the women of the Rajbanshi community wear their sari without blowse/ choli. They rather tie it below the neck like a towel but these days only old women where it in that style and the nivi and the Bengali drapes are more popular today. The traditional Newari sari drape is, folding the sari till its below knee length and then wearing it like a nivi sari but the pallu is not worn across the chest and instead is tied around the wait and leaving it so it drops from wait to the knee, instead the pallu a shawl is tied across the chest, by wrapping it from the right hip and back and is thrown over the shoulders saris are worn with blouse that are thicker and are tied several times across the front. The Nivi drape was popularized in Nepal by the Shah royals and the Ranas.

Maharashtrian/Konkani/Kashta; this drape is very similar to that of the male Maharashtrian dhoti, though there are many regional and societal variations. The centre of the sari (held lengthwise) is placed at the centre back, the ends are brought forward and tied securely and two ends are wrapped around the legs. When worn as a sari, an extra-long cloth of nine yards is used and the ends are then passed over the shoulders and the upper body. The style is worn by Brahmin women differs from that of the Marathas. The style also differs from community to community. This style is popular in Maharashtra, Goa, parts of Karnataka.

Malayali style– The two-piece sari or Mundum Neryathum is worn in Kerala. Usually made of unbleached cotton and decorated with gold or colored stripes and/or borders.

Madisar– This drape is typical of Iyengar/Iyer Brahmin ladies from Tamil Nadu. Traditional Madisar is worn using 9 yards saree.

Kodagu style– This drape is confined to ladies hailing from the Kodagu district of Karnataka. In this style, the pleats are created in the rear, instead of the front. The loose end of the sari is draped back-to-front over the right shoulder, and is pinned to the rest of the sari.

Gobbe Seere– This style is worn by women in the Malnad or Sahyadri and central region of Karnataka. It is worn with 18 molas saree with three four rounds at the waist and a knot after crisscrossing over shoulders.

Tribal styles– In tribes Sari is worn by tying firmly across the chest, covering the breasts.

Pin Kosuvam – This is the traditional Tamil Nadu style

Kunbi style or denthli– Goan Gauda and Kunbis, and those of them who have migrated to other states use this way of draping Sari or Kappad, this form of draping is created by tying a knot in the fabric below the shoulder and a strip of cloth which crossed the left shoulder was fasten on the back.

So ladies you pick your style and and start the soft and loving assault on all the available guys out there. Just do not forget to wear your attitude!