KNOW YOUR SKIN TYPE and pamper your skin just like your baby, and it will glow every fine day so perfectly and get rid of those filters that you use in your social media to conceal your acne scars pigmentation, and those tacky fluffy eyes which you attain after every bad sleep. The right kind of skincare routine will always gift you a great smooth.  Don’t hide your imperfections rather make it evenly flawless. So, now that the festivals are arriving soon those who have not cared for their skin these ingredients are for them which are easily available in your kitchen.


Every type of skin can have its own kind of flawlessness; it just needs a proper care.


Start your day with cleaning your face and then tone it with a mild toner which should be non-alcoholic. You can also tone your face with rose water toner following with a moisturizer to get rid of those open pores which are restricting your skin to have a flawless look.

This routine should be followed at night, and you’ll see a great change within 10 days.

Now, that you are in your daily skin routine and the festivals are about to arrive in 3-4 days you can have that clean up at your home easily.

  1. Wash your face with a mild face wash. Avoid soap that gives skin a rough look.


  1. Clean your face with a cleanser if you have, or you can make any cleanser at your home.


⦁    Curd and honey – Two tablespoons of curd and one spoon of organic honey will do wonders to your skin.

⦁    Curd and Milk Powder- Two tablespoons of curd and one spoon of milk powder to get rid of pigmentation.

  1. Now, exfoliating is the key to a smooth skin as it helps in removing all the dust particles and blackheads off your face. Scrub your face with the best facial scrub from your kitchen ingredients.

⦁    Coconut oil and Coffee powder

⦁    Coconut oil and Brown sugar

  1. After exfoliating the skin, it seeks for a facial pack which is greatly needed to give that glowy look in the last step.


⦁    1/4 gram flour, one tablespoon of milk cream or rose water, lemon juice and turmeric powder.

This pack will give you a radiant look instantly and will help in keeping your face perfect to look red hot as wine!


Cleansing, toning, exfoliating and moisturizing your skin is crucial for every skin type and complexion. No matter what complexion or texture does your skin have, be it a fair complexion or a dark complexion, every skin type deserves to look flawless, and it does when you do a good care to your skin.

A woman deserves to attain a good skin in the core of this busy life to feel good within and confident. Skin is the basic foundation of beauty and if the basic is not getting that care which it seeks then no makeup or filter can be the permanent substitute for her. Your skin deserves to feel healthy as you do, so eat healthily and sleep better, and the mirror will reflect the new you and the confident you.

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#MentalHealth: Mental Health of Women in Today’s World

Being a fun-loving strong girl around is the most wonderful feeling that you can ever have. Yes, it feels great to have a carefree nature since childhood and the feeling of self-love is magnificent. But also, there are the emotions that you go through when things go bad in your carefree life and you just hold your emotions because that fun-loving image of yours would be lost.


Everyone has turning points in their life which they can never forget ,but the main problem comes when you have to hold back or hide your emotions from your family and friends, because, you don’t want them to get inclined towards you and asking you every time about what the fuck had happened in your life. But you’re a real masterpiece, right? You will stay as happy as you can the whole day and will wait for the night, so the world disappears and you can be what you actually are. The reason you cannot be what you actually are is- THE FEAR OF JUDGEMENT. You don’t want people to judge you for your stupid emotions now (which actually aren’t), but it will lead to a much bigger problem than before. There are some women who work so hard the whole day and pretend to be someone but are something else.

“It takes a great deal of courage to see the world in all its tainted glory, and still to love it.”

Bingo! Who the hell really is inside you? When you hold your emotions being a strong woman it will eventually lead to depression inside you and the feeling of self-love vanishes. Don’t do this to yourself, YOU strong woman. Share what you go through to those who love you unconditionally and do stuff which makes you happy. According to the research that we have gone through, more than 70% of women deal with depression and mental health should be considered a serious problem. Just like other diseases, we should also give a serious thought to mental health.

It leads to worse things such as –

  • Inclination towards negative thoughts
  • Social Isolation
  • Poor diet
  • Insomnia/Hypersomnia etc.

These things make your life even worse and you start hating yourself. So what you should do instead?

  • Explore new things
  • Embrace your imperfections
  • Do stupid stuff you were planning to do
  • Make a list of things you want to do


You will see a drastic change in your life. Do the things that will result into a life that you have been dreaming about since childhood. Degrading yourself will only make you more depressed, accept yourself. The day you will stop admiring the people and call off the feeling to be like the people you admire, that day will be the most acceptable day which will give you an enormously beautiful life and you will thank yourself later!




Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and its Affects on Women

Every five out of ten women are facing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and that affects women differently and with a greater degree of severity than men. So what is COPD? Pulmonary vascular disease is the medical term for disease affecting the blood vessels leading to or from the lungs. Most forms of pulmonary vascular disease cause shortness of breath.


Nowadays, it is increasing day by day due to the level of pollution and smoking addiction in women. Smoking Cigarettes have become a status symbol these days which is harmful to women than men, comparatively. Every now and then, someone is dying because the problem is getting really serious. Just to look hot and modern they are staking their lives which is not acceptable.


  • Chronic Cough
  • Excess Phlegm
  • Breathlessness, especially with activity.
  • Wheezing
  • Fatigue
  • Frequent respiratory infections
  • Exacerbation

COPD in women: the facts

  • Women are more likely to die from COPD than lung cancer and breast cancer combined.
  • In India currently, it is the second largest killer responsible for 22 million deaths.
  • Women have higher rates of COPD than men, particularly at a younger age.

Smoking is by far recognized to be the most important factor for the development of COPD. People who smoke to show that they are modern and have some status are the foolish among all, because they are making their lives no less than hell. History of smoking cigarettes for women was started in 1968 when Phillip Morris launches the very first cigarette brand marketed especially for women. The slogan for promoting the brand was;

“You’ve come a long way, baby

You have got your own cigarettes now.


This shows that it is somewhere connected to the heat up topic of Women Empowerment, Autonomy and Equality. And the ad of the brand featured an old-fashioned photograph of repressed women smokers behind a colourful, vibrant “New Woman” free of oppression, smoking proudly. There is no better way to witness changing fashion than this event where curse comes with the movement of betterment of life for women.


  • In childhood, girls have more developed lungs than boys, but during puberty, boys’ thoracic cages grow more, and they end up with 25% greater lung function than girls.
  • Women have smaller lungs and smaller airways, with the less respiratory muscle to breathe in and out.
  • Lung irritants get more concentrated and cause more damage.



  • Estrogen converts the metabolism of chemicals in cigarette smoke, making female lungs more susceptible to oxidant stress and airway injury.
  • Estrogen stimulates eosinophilic inflammation, a type of inflammation that can worsen asthma, longstanding asthma contributes to COPD.
  • Women are more likely to develop lung problems with less smoke exposure and at a very young age.

COPD in non-smoker

There are other irritants available in our surrounding other than tobacco which can cause COPD and women are vulnerable. Biomass fuels are also considered a major cause for COPD. Women, who do most of the cooking for households in rural villages, are the most affected. Mosquito coils at homes for killing mosquitoes are somewhere killing us instead of them. And women working in cottage industries like brick making, fish smoking, tobacco curing are affecting their health with wealth.

Smoking behaviors in India are also peculiar with a large number of people using non- conventional form of tobacco in hookah, bidi, or chillum. Traditionally these forms of tobacco have been believed to be innocuous because of a variety of reasons like the passage of smoke through water in case of hookah. So it is time to be smart and aware of what is good for our health and do something really productive with our body.

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Changes after losing your virginity or first time sex

Are you worried, are you still thinking about that day when you will give all you have to your man? Are you scared about the first encounter with your male partner for sex? Or you have just done it and lost your virginity? If this is all in your head you have to read this.

Loosing virginity is not a big issue, but yes when this happens then body will respond to this action. So here are few things that might happen if you have lost your virginity and you are regularly having sex post that.

Size of the Boobs:


Yes, girl, your boobs will turn bigger and firm. This happens when your hormones get activated or satisfied after sex. So now you will see a change in the size of your boobs. Don’t worry they won’t turn that big but yes bigger than before. A little more tempting and sexier! So get ready for attracting more attention from boys than before.

Sensitive Nipples:

After the touch during sex, your nipples are likely to turn more sensitive. This happens because after sex the blood flow in nipples is more and this causes sensitivity in that area. Which means your nipples turn harder easily now and when he is around you get goose bumps. So enjoy that feeling while you can!

Flexibility of the Vagina:


After sex, your vagina is more flexible. Repeated sex will make it more elastic and reduce the pain that you go through during intercourse. Vagina not only becomes flexible it also becomes more responsive to the touch of the Penis and hence lubrication improves. Once lubrication and flexibility improve, the pain gets replaced by the extreme pleasure. Vagina has got a great flexibility and it can get stretched upto 8 inches and hence stop worrying for his size and just care for his touch.


Yes, some girls do bleed after losing virginity. This can vary from person to person. So it might be because of a tear that happens inside the vagina. The hymen is just like a thin layer which gets broken and you may or may not bleed. The bleeding bit gets adjusted over the time and body naturally takes care of it most of the times unless there are some medical reasons involved for certain female body types.

Change in Periods Cycle:

For some females, there is a delay in periods and for some periods arrive early. It is true, sex has a positive side towards periods but first sex can lead a change in cycle. That may take your periods to better stage. And in some cases the periods get delayed or in some cases the periods arrive early. This is not a serious issue and you should not worry as much about it.

Glowing Skin:


Now, this is a natural gift for you, that your hormones are satisfied you tend to have a glow on your face. It will make you look pretty and attractive. You look confident and attract lot of eyeballs. It is not only biological bit also the practical that you get glow on your face after you start having sex. You put all your concerns, queries and anxiety about ‘first time sex’ to the rest and hence you feel relaxed and relieved. This relaxed and satisfied feeling makes you look even more attractive.

Emotional Changes:

After start having sex, you are more emotional, happier, sad and crazier than before. You have mood swings as you are undergoing some natural changes and the anxiety to explore more or to satisfy your partner might increase. And hence you tend to have changes in your emotions.

Just relax and give yourself some time and your mind and body will respond positively to this new and beautiful phase of having sex with your partner. God has created a beautiful YOU and you are blessed with very attractive and sensitive assets of the body. Live your life happily and enjoy the natural gifts the God has presented to you. Be happy, be healthy and more importantly be iChhori.

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Female Puberty: Puberty age and changes in puberty

Puberty is the time when a kid starts to change from being a child to a young adult girl. The changes in our body during puberty are caused by hormones which are chemically produced in the body. All these hormones work together to bring the changes in the body. Just like boys, the girls too have their puberty changes at the age of eight to thirteen but often, the first change happens around 10 to 12 year of age.


For all you girls, I know it’s hard to accept that first change in your body but what if you already know what changes are going to happen in your body. I am sure it will help you in facing those changes.

So let’s tell you about the changes which are brought in the bodies during the puberty. During puberty, the ovaries get bigger and your body will start to produce two hormones- oestrogen and progesterone.


Oestrogen helps your breast to grow, and your vagina, uterus and fallopian tubes to develop. It also changes the fat, stored on your body making your waist, hips, and butts more obvious and accentuated. After puberty, oestrogen, and progesterone control your periods. The main changes include the following:

  • You get taller and stronger.
  • You will get an increase in sweating.
  • You get more oil in your skin and skin becomes comparatively oilier.
  • Hair grow around genitals, under the arms and under legs.

The influx of hormones during puberty can cause a range of feelings or emotions in young women and these feelings can change quite often. You might get:

  • Sudden mood changes.
  • Some changes in situational emotions.
  • And an involuntary increase in sexual feelings and fantasies.

Girls bodies increase in size and shape during puberty. The vagina and nipples get bigger and the breasts develop, sometimes unevenly.

There are some other changes including pubic hair and vaginal discharge. It is the increase in the mucus secretion in the vagina.

This detail hopefully will make you feel comfortable about all the changes which you or your known one might have been going through. There is no need to be worried and concerned if you are close to your teens and have been seeing these changes in your body. Puberty has its own biological timetable that you can’t control and you should not try to control it as it’s a natural process.

While going through puberty so many girls feel extremely self-conscious, the reason is simple that the society is watching over every change in your body and people do not leave any or miss any chance to point that change out.

Puberty changes should not only be accepted by you but also the society. Society and people around girls should understand that the changes in the girls bodies are part of normal and natural process.

So girls, stop worrying about the puberty changes, accept them and get ready for the lovely life waiting ahead for you!



Pimples Treatment: How to get rid of pimples

I am 17 and my friends say that I am too hot. Because they think my hotness is coming out of face, yah, you guessed it right. I got too many pimples to handle each day. Rather than looking at boys I spend too much time looking at my pimples. I know you too have this trauma in your teen age. Although it’s natural to get pimples on the face; but it’s equally natural to take care of the skin form the pimples. Whether you have happy mood or bad mood during pimple phase of your life, depends upon how other people react when they see you. You don’t need to judge yourself every morning by looking at your pimples in the mirror. It is important to be calm, composed, caring and self-loving to tackle pimples. This article contains some of the best natural tips to take care of your pimples.

Almost all teenagers have pimples and acne problem. It happens when an oily substance called sebum closes the pores of the skin. A pimple usually pops on the face, neck, back, chest, and shoulders. Acne isn’t a serious health risk, though severe acne can cause permanent scars. Acne can also damage self-esteem. Being an iChhori, you cannot let a pimple and its scars ruin your lifestyle. We strongly advise you to keep checking health section on to keep yourself equipped to take care of your lovely self.

You wake up in the morning and you are all set to go to college. You look into the mirror and get horrified. Oh, holy crap, pimples, God no. But the question is what this pimple is? How do you get rid of this? Acne looks like whitehead, blackhead, papules, pustules, and nodules. And we have a solution for you. Here is some natural treatment that will help you to get rid of those stubborn pimples.

Tea tree oil for spot treatment

tree oil

Tea tree oil is extracted from the leaves of the tree Melaleuca, it’s well known for its ability to fight bacteria and reduce skin inflammation.

How to use:

  • Combine one part tea tree oil with nine parts water.
  • Dip a cotton swab into the mixture and apply it directly onto a pimple.
  • Repeat one or two times per day.

 Green tea: great treatment


A lot of people drink green tea for health purpose and it’s also the best medicine for your pimples. Green tea contains flavonoid and tannins, which are known to help fight inflammation and bacteria that may cause pimples.

How to use:

  • Steep green tea in boiling water for 3-4 minutes.
  • Allow the tea to cool.
  • Apply it to your face with a cotton ball or spray it with a spray bottle.
  • Leave it for 10 minutes or overnight, and then rinse your face with water.
  • Apply 2 times per day, if needed. It can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

These are some of the cures for your pimple problem. You can try other natural ways also to take care of your tender skin. iChhori suggests that you are like a blooming flower in this age and you should let yourself grow naturally as much as possible. Just take care of yourself along the way and do NOT try chemicals to ruin your naturally beautiful soft skin. Take care and love yourself. You are beautiful the way you are. How do you see a flower and say it’s not beautiful, can you? of course not!



#Stress and Its Effects

Are you stressed? Well, who isn’t?

We all have a bit of stress in our lives. From a kindergarten kid to the grandfather of the family, all have stress in their lives. This lifestyle stress is causing a hell lot of problems for our happiness and health. Do you remember your last visit to a gyno or any specialized doctor? Did he spell the word stress out? He would have, because, stress has a clear impact on our body and invites various lifestyle diseases. Do you know stress can result in the change of serum in many hormones?  And for a female, stress can be a life changing disaster. Let’s get to know the main problems that you can face if you deal with a lot of stress.



This is the most common yet very frustrating problem found in women nowadays. The main reason for this problem is the stress.  It is a hormonal default and occurs in the reproductive age. This causes pain, frustration, irritation, mood swings etc. to the women and at times, leaves them without the happiness of conceiving. The doctors have still not found out the exact treatment for it and are struggling to permanently cure it.

Heart disease:

Stress interrupts with the flow of blood and this can cause blockage in the heart. This causes heart attacks and other heart diseases. Stress has a great impact on the flow of blood. So manage your stress level before it starts managing your blood flow!



Obesity is the most common problem of modern day society. From kids to older age groups, no one is missing out on this disease (yes, it is a disease!). It is not only a physical problem but also an emotional one. It ruins the mental peace of a human life and takes away all the fun from it. With the increase in the stress levels, the person starts gaining weight, which leads to obesity.  So stress can reduce your happiness while increasing your mass!


Stress brings with it a hangover like headache which is constant throughout the day. The most common problem with the stress is the head ache. Head feels heavy and it seems to stay forever. When stress level is high, head ache becomes a daily problem to deal with. Bigger problem is that the regular headache can turn into the migraine.



Have you realized that when you are stressed, your power of thinking positive goes down the drain. You just can’t come out with a good thought or a plan. Stress kills your thinking power, and that blocks your mind from any kind of positivity. That is when you get stuck at a particular thought, this generally happens when something not so good comes across. Stress develops depression and kills the human mind. This at times, forces people even to take their own lives.

These are some problems that can turn your life upside down. Just a six letter word stress can make your whole life hell. You need to avoid doing all those activities which give you stress and you should move to the things which give you happiness. Leave the work-load in your school/college/office/business premises and go out there to have some ‘me’ time. Relax, have fun and add a bit of life to your life. Stress can make your life hell; you need to kill the stress before it kills your life!

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Vulvar Care: How to keep your vag clean

As they say, the best smell on the earth is the body smell. If you smell well, you can get even saints to have wet dreams. As much as guys like the smell of your perfume, they dislike the bad smell of your body parts. When you get close and intimate, the magnetic smell of your body parts can make that moment a memorable one. On the contrary, if you have smelly body parts, no matter how beautiful you are, you will never be able to enjoy the natural intimacy you have ever dreamed of. In our Indian society we are taught not to even talk about private parts of our body and we are so obedient that we actually follow the tradition and do not say a word about private parts. And this brings us to a practical problem of hiding our vagina and it even becomes smelly because if we cant even talk about it then how can you expect us to wash it. Like you take bath daily to keep your body fresh, you brush your teeth daily to keep the mouth fresh and kissable (oh yes!), you need to keep your vagina clean and fresh.  An unhealthy and unhygienic vagina can take you to a hospital and needless to say that it will not let you get much action from your guy either. Let us share some tips with you to keep your flower clean and attarctive.

Wash with luke warm water:

It is suggested to give your vagina a good wash with luke warm water. If you keep it washed with warm water on a regular basis, you don’t need anything else to wash it. Soaps and other chemical based items should be avoided. The vagina is a very delicate part and it needs delicate handling and care. If required, a mild soap and vaginal wash can be used. Do not forget to give it a good wash after you get a good action in bed.

Let it free:


It is a taboo to talk about the vagina, to look at the vagina and to your vagina. So Indian girls keep it hidden behind the layers of cloths. At times, it needs to be kept free for a while so that it can breathe the natural air. The clean air flow is required to keep it smell free, infection and germs free.

Pick the cotton:


When going for your undergarment shopping try picking cotton underwears. Cotton is body comfort fabric and will not cause any damage. So its good to go with cotton. When its hot and humid, cotton makes even a better sense for the soft and delicate private prts of a female body.


During periods, infection is always a possibility as hence it becomes almost necessary to keep good hygiene during those days of the month. Make sure you clean your vagina every few hours during the periods. Change your pads and tampons on time and keep the area clean.

Big NO to underwears:

Private part are always hidden and then you cover your most delicate part under a wet underwear to add to the disaster. Wering a wet underwear is a big no as it might help you get rashes and other infections. Under garments must be of cotton or other soft fabric and must be free of any kind of germs.

Wash before and after sex:


Physical intimacy is supreme form of magic which god has created for the mankind. You got be ready to feel the special moment and keeping your delicate part fresh and clean will definitely dd to the moment. Make yourself confortable and confident before locking the lips and wash your pink flower properly with a suitable solution. It can jyst be washed with luke warm wayer before and after sex. You will realise that just a wash gives you so much comfort and your man gets to see the heaven through thhe action.

Trim, shave or wax:


Guys can have a thing for bushes but most of them like it shaved (yah, they wouldn’t really say this!). screw the guys for a change and focus on your hygiene. Get rid of your thick bushes and go unnatural. Use that fancy razor and go clean. You will be fresh, clean and hygienic and most importantly, your guy will have extra smile on his face when he gets intimate with you.

You need to realize that you are gifted with the most delicate, sensitive and most attractive thing created by the God. It’s the pink flower which has the power to dethrone the kings. You are the queen who controls the world through this part and hence it is your responsibility to keep it healthy and refreshing. Let it breathe and let it create the life!



Monsoon: Tips for Hair Care

Tip-tip barsaa paani paani ne aag lagaayi, don’t tell me that you have not acted Raveena in your fantasies? Making seductive moves and throwing hair in style while dancing in the rain. I am sure you might even have bought yellow sari to live your fantasy. But the reality stinks and the frizzy hair alarm rings loud.  The monsoon has just started and hair have started creating trouble. Frizzy, rough, too dry, too wet and other hell lot of problems start popping the head up in monsoon. Monsoon seem romantic and sets your mood to dance like Raveena but hair problems play spoilsport. But as they say every problem comes with its solution. We have got some useful tips for you to take care of your hair this monsoon-

Dry – dry:

You love to get wet in monsoon and so do your hair. But too much wetness is not good is it? Getting wet is good but you got to keep it dry as well (please focus on hair only). You can use a nice towel to keep your hair dry. If hair are left wet for a while, hair frizzing is the problem which will arise first. And it can get dandruff as well.

Wash – wash:


How often do you wash your hair in monsoon season? Is it usual 3-4 times a month only? wIf yes, please wash your hair more frequently.even washing on every 2nd day is not a bad idea. This will remove all the frizz from your hair and will help keep them healthy. For a good hair wash its advisable to use frizz control shampoo of your favourite brand.

Hot oil care:


Grandmother’s or mother’s hot oil champi will always be the top hair care tip. It is strongly recommended, that a night before you wash your hair, apply hot oil and massage it gently on the scalp. When you wash your hair the next morning, your hair will look very attractive and romantically seductive just like any romantic line of Gulzar. Hot Oil massage will help your hair get the much needed nutrients.

Let them loose:

Let the hair loose and let them enjoy the monsoon as much as you want to enjoy yourself. If you tie them, you lock all the wetness in them which will spoil the quality. If you are not an open hair person you can go with a very loose pony. But never a tight one.

Right pick:

You should always  be careful about the kind of comb you pick. The best kind of comb can be big tooth comb. That helps you remove the tangles easily, and not break them in monsoon season.

Chop chop:


After hot summer if monsoon brings that romantic change, shouldn’t your hair also change? If you wanna change your look, you can defiantly chop them off and give them a trendy look. Shorthair have their own carefree style. During monsoon season short hair are easy to handle and easy to take care of. So go chop chop baby!


Using a right kind of conditioner can help you get that smooth touch that your hair might have lost. Try using good conditioner or even homemade masks for fizzy and rough hair. Good conditioner will not only nourih your hair but also will bring that lusty look in the monsoon.

Follow any of or all of the above mentioned tips and let your hair kiss the monsoon breeze. Don’t don’t hold back, let your hair loose and show your curvy moves in the rain like a gorgeous Indian diva!





PCOD – How much do you know about it

I was a normal girl who had all sorted in life, just before I realized that I have some issue with my periods, which the doctors named it as PCOD with love. After going through a couple of ultrasounds, the doctor could find out that I have PCOD. This was a very strange and stressful thing that I or my mother had heard of. I was really worried and wanted to know all about this problem so that I could get it cured at the earliest, but my hope for relief was shattered when the doctor told me that it has no cure and it can only be controlled through proper prescription and discipline. Can you imagine what all could be running down my spine after hearing these words of my doctor. I was really worried and I asked my doctor about the cause of PCOD and she told me that there is no particular cause/reason for PCOD. It rather can happen to any chhori these days because of change in the lifestyle. As I had no knowledge about the issue, I decided to let other females know all about PCOD.

What is PCOD?

Patients suffering from the polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD) have multiple small cysts in their ovaries (the word poly means many). These cysts occur when the regular changes of a normal menstrual cycle are changed and irregularly. The ovary is enlarged, and it produces excessive amounts of androgen and estrogenic hormones. This excess, along with the absence of ovulation, may cause infertility. Other names for PCOD are Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

There are many different variations from one PCOD patient to another.

What are the symptoms?

  1. Your periods are irregular:

This is a major call FOR A RUN TO GYNO. Missing your periods or a long run of periods can be a major issue and you should not sit back. Irregular periods are the most common symptom of PCOD.

  1. Facial hair:


Many females have a problem with a lot of facial hair, not just facial hair, but at times it’s a lot of body hair also. Having hairs on the upper lips, lower lips, hair on the face, thick hair on hands and legs. All this can happen due to the presence of excess male hormone in the body.

  1. ACNE problem:

If you notice sudden rise in the acne on your face and body, it just might have some connection with PCOD. It becomes very difficult to get rid of acne once you start getting them.

  1. Weight gain:


If you have gained or lost a lot of weight during a short period of time, then it can be pcod. People with pcod generally have an increase in weight here and there. The weight of the body increases and the tyres of the body pop out (fat around waist).

  1. Hair loss from wanted areas:

You start losing hair from the areas you want your hair to grow on. Another issue is that you start loosing hair from the areas where you don’t want hair to grow on.

PCOD is a problem, but being with it and still loving yourself is an art which you should acquire and live a happy life without worrying too much about it. Hope this will help you understand PCOD better!



Say NO to #IrregularPeriods

Have you been shedding blood for no reason? Do people notice your mood swings too regularly? Been noticing unexpected tenderness in your breasts? And yah do you feel those painful cramps? Well, honey if your answer to these questions is ‘yes’, you have got irregular periods. Does it sound like a bad news? Not really, because if you are reading this on iChhori, you have come to the right place. As usual, relax and read on

What is an irregular period?   

A normal menstrual cycle lasts 28 days, plus or minus seven days. Menstrual bleeding is considered irregular if it occurs more frequently than every 21 days or lasts longer than 8 days. Missed, early, or late periods are also considered signs of an irregular cycle.

Reasons for Irregular Periods:

Having irregular periods is not uncommon. The main cause for missing your period is the pregnancy. So if you miss your periods any month, you got to check whether its hormonal problem or it’s the baby on the way. There could be many reasons for irregular periods ranging from bad lifestyle habits to something that requires treatment. In teenage, your body goes through hormonal changes and body takes time to find its balance. Hence, it’s normal to have an irregular period during adolescence.

The most common reasons for irregular periods include:

  • Hormonal problems such as  thyroid malfunctions
  • Drugs like birth-control pills can affect the frequency and / or intensity of menstruation
  • Problems with the pelvic organs such as polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Stress
  • Eating disorders, like anorexia and bulimia
  • Excessive weight gain or weight loss; extreme thinness and obesity both cause the menstrual cycle to become irregular or even to disappear
  • Travel
  • Breastfeeding
  • Over-exercising: If you’re an athlete and train very hard, you may stop menstruating because your body wants to survive and save energy and menstruation requires energy


If your irregular periods are not because of something which needs treatment by a doctor, we can suggest some simple home/Ayurveda remedies ways to get your periods back on track:


We all know that ginger has good medicinal properties in it. It is beneficial in regulating irregular periods.

Boiling a half teaspoon of ginger in water for 5 min and adding sugar to it can be a perfect medication for periods. You should have it on regular basis for a month or so to make your periods come on time.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is called a wonder herb. It helps in treating the menses naturally without making you take those high doses of allopathic medicines.

Extracting the fresh Aloe Vera and mixing it with honey can get rid of irregular periods if you consume it before breakfast as a daily routine.

Unripe Papaya

if you are a lazy chhori and don’t even bother to mix some ingredients together, you can drop in at a nearest fruit stall and pick yourself up an unripe papaya. You can eat it just like any other fruit. Unripe papaya is a herbal emmenagogue, it stimulate blood flow in the pelvic area and uterus. It is known to stimulate menstrual flow when menstruation is absent for reasons other than pregnancy, such as hormonal disorders or conditions like oligomenorrhea (light menses).


A glass of turmeric milk can heal the painful cramps during the period days. Regular intake of turmeric milk, especially before going to bed will help a lot during your periods.

These are easy to adopt remedies, which can help you smile more often when you have your periods.

Before we close it in here, let’s leave you with one piece of important information from iChhori-

If you do not have your periods for months for any reason, do not think that you cannot get pregnant because you are missing your periods, you can get pregnant! So better be careful and if required, consult the doctor!




How many benefits do your boyfriends give U, well Indian Gooseberry (Amla) gives you atleast 25!

Amazing health benefits of Amla or Indian Gooseberry.

The Indian gooseberry also widely known as Amla in India is considered as a sacred tree in India. Amla is an edible fruit in light green colour. This fruit ripens usually in the autumn in wet, forest, hilly areas of India. The Amla fruit is very nourishing, but it tastes sour. According to Ayurveda, amla fruit is sour and astringent in taste, with sweet, bitter and pungent secondary tastes

Amla can be made palatable by consuming with salt, red chilli powder and other spices.

Unlike your man, Amla is always ready to be consumed; dried as well as fresh Amla fruit can be consumed for its amazing health benefits.

Not only for health, Amla is popularly used in inks, shampoos and hair oils, the high tannin content of Indian gooseberry fruit serves as a mordant for fixing dyes in fabrics.

Amla is widely used in Ayurveda treatments in India. Indian Gooseberry is very rich in vitamin C and contains many minerals and vitamins like calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, and vitamin B. Amla is very powerful antioxidant agent.

In our soft Indian bodies, many health problems are caused by oxidative damage. It happens when the cells of our body use oxygen, by products such as free radicals get produced which damage our body. Antioxidant agents prevent and repair these damages. Vitamin C is a good antioxidant agent and it’s found in Amla in abundance. Amla is used in many a medicines which cure various diseases including cancer.

Health Benefits of Amla (Gooseberry)

  1. Brightens Skin
  2. Heals Pimples & Acne
  3. Slows Down Ageing
  4. Reduces Blood Sugar
  5. Strengthens Bones
  6. Makes Skin Glow
  7. Fights Against Heart Disease
  8. Prevents Ulcers
  9. Cures a Sore Throat
  10. Increases Metabolic Activity
  11. High In Digestive Fiber
  12. Boosts Immunity
  13. Prevents Formation of Gall Bladder Stones
  14. Is Anti-Inflammatory
  15. Improves Eyesight
  16. Purifies Blood
  17. Increases Diuretic Activity
  18. Prevents Constipation
  19. Prevents Jaundice
  20. Reduces the Risk Of Cancer
  21. Reduces Pigmentation
  22. Potent stress reliever
  23. Improves quality of Hair
  24. Protects Liver
  25. Restores Skin Firmness