Since our childhood, listening to such hyped songs and dialogues where women have been compared to mere an object has become user-friendly to our society. Besides, we don’t even feel offended when we ourselves listen to songs “Tu cheez badi hai mast mast” or” jumma chumma dede” etc. And you know why we don’t get bothered? For entertainment we can go to any extent, irrespective of its side effects, especially, young generation. Recently a song called Kalesh by Milind Gaba has been released where the lyrics say “Chodegi agar Tere ghar me aake kalesh karunga” No comments. Duh!!


Instead of banning particular songs we enjoy them on dance floors. Do you individually think that it is cool when Shahid Kapoor in his one of the movies sang ‘Haan tujhpe right mera tu hai delight mera tera rasta jo roku chaukne ka nahi? Have you ever realized how bad the influence of movies and songs are on us? How badly it has been impacting our society especially boys and children? What are we learning from these grotesque item songs? We are the only one who is responsible for inciting industry to make such things even on higher scale. And all these things only lead to increasing rate of crimes because it has become our mentality that if in movies or songs it is acceptable then why can’t in real life?


What we actually learn from movies

If a girl says NO, its hidden meaning is YES.

Heroism is winning a girl at the end either by hook or by crook.

If a girl comes late at night she must be characterless.

How to torture a woman to no set boundaries?

If a boy does mischievous actions with a girl, eventually, she will fall in love with him.

This thinking influences young boys to do the same because if their idol has done it in so and so movie so how can they stop following their God’s path. But in reality this never happens, it is the girl who suffers all the consequences, without any reason she has always been stamped as characterless because people say she must be wearing short clothes or showing latke-jhatke to incite that boy and the conclusion has to be obvious. Why do we suffer because some mentally sick people?


We need to understand that there is a lot of difference between adaption and reality of anything. Film industry needs to wake up from their sleep and start showing the consequences too. Because girls are not meant to be teased or objectified, they are human and treat them alike. And this is just not acceptable.


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Difference between loving your body the way it is and being unhealthy

Difference between loving your body the way it is and being unhealthy

⦁    Embrace your body the way it is.

⦁    Your body demands to be accepted.

⦁    Don’t let the mind bully your body.


Social Media is full of these quotes nowadays but the wrong message is being conveyed to the people. In the name of loving your body, women are staying unhealthy internally and still loving it for the sake of social media. Loving your body is about loving the size and make yourself healthy internally instead, because you love it, right? You take care of the things you love and it is you BODY.

On what terms, it is right?

A healthy woman is not about getting size zero or working out for that waistline by starving yourself. A healthy woman is the one who stays fit in her size internally. Okay, your body demands to be accepted on its own terms but is it acceptable to be unhealthy and still loving your body for the way it is. Your body is like your home in which you’re going to reside forever so it’s your responsibility to take care of your body.


You keep the toxic stuff away from your home to make it clean and hygienic, a place to live in. Then why don’t we detoxify our body after consuming the toxic food? Blotting out the craving is an amazing feeling that one can ever have, but not detoxifying it after those calories that you have consumed is the real problem which leads to diseases in future. Reportedly, a woman’s body is very sensitive during the periods and consuming the processed foods during menstruation is a discouraging thing to do. Avoid sodas or other carbonated beverages during periods else it will cause bloating which is unbearable. The high-fat food and dairy products can actually trigger menstrual cramps because it contains arachidonic acids which are cramp-inducing. Your body is trying to tell you something from years:

“This is a time that you take a pause and take care of me.”

A poor nutrition leads to stress, tiredness, low self-esteem.

Being underweight or overweight is the real cause of many deaths. Being obese or overweight can increase the risk of heart attacks.

There is such a trigger in social media nowadays,

“Love your body the way it is” but the people are misinterpreting the real idea behind loving your body. Loving your body is not about consuming the food high in saturated and Trans Fats and still loving your body. It is not about make your body full of toxins internally and still loving it.

Loving your body is about embracing the size of the body and adoring it at every weight and keep yourself fit internally. It is about eating the right nutrients. It is about loving your scars but still working on to heal them.


It is important to work out and detoxify your body on the regular basis.

“Love your body size or body marks, but don’t make it the worst place to live in for you”.

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#Giving: Let’s play little bit of GOD!

On a usual busy day of my life, my phone rings with an extra bit of vibration and excitement, ‘Drum calling..’ screen reads. ‘Drum’ is an old friend, and he is very fond of chatting around about anything and everything and hence we named him drum.

I was so glad to get his call after a gap of two months. He calls to say that he is around and would like to catch up. We fix the time and place and get on with our left over chores for the day. In the evening, we meet at the Domino’s and dive deep into the sea of moments we two had been collecting together over the years. Service guy brings our large size pizza which we didn’t even remember that we had ordered. While blasting into non stop meaningless laughter, we hardly could finish a slice or two. Drum calls it a night and decides to leave me alone with the over-sized pizza and a suggestion that I should dump it in the bin.

I take a second in deciding what to do with the left over pizza and suddenly it crosses my mind that it could be useful for some needy ones. Each festive season, I distribute plenty of goods to the kids in the slums of Sector 17, Faridabad, India. I decide to give the Pizza to the kids in the same area.

It was around 9.30 pm and I didn’t realize that it could be so dark and so cold in the winter at that hour. No one was around the slums as all seemed to be deep asleep under the rags and polyethylene sheets, after all that is all they could afford to have during the winter. A few steps more and I find 3 women sitting just outside their slum close to the fire of a burning bicycle tyre. I get out of the car with the pizza in my hand and walk towards them.

Trying to gather their timid bodies, they look at me with their confused eyes and one of them hesitantly asks,

‘जी बाबूजी ? (yes sir?)’.

‘आप लोग सोए नहीं अभी तक?’ (you are still awake at this hour?’, I asked just to break the ice.

‘बाबूजी बस इतने ही कपडे हैं की बच्चे ओढ़ के सो सकें, हमें तो इस आँच का ही सहारा है’, (sir, we have just enough bedding for the kids, we will pass the night sitting around this fire), one of them replies.

‘ये ले लो ‘ (pls take this), I offer the pizza to them. All of them look at the packet with a big question in their eyes as they had no idea what the item was.

‘ये खाने की चीज़ है’ (its something to eat), I said to them.

Before she could even hold on to the packet I offered, two 3-4 yr old kids ran out of the slum and snatched the packet from my hand. They started eating the slices as if they had been starving forever!

Women look at the kids with affection and one of them says to me, ‘शुक्रिया बाबूजी, वरना आज तोः बच्चे भूखे ही सोए थे ‘ (thank you sir, kids went to bed without food today).

Her sentence felt like a sword in my heart, I sat in my car but couldn’t even drive for a while, I kept looking at the kids still eating every tiny bit of that pizza. The pizza which we were about to throw in the garbage bin. Somehow, I felt guilty, very guilty rather, as if I am responsible for the starvation of those kids. I swear to god, I could not sleep even for a second that night. Everything had vanished from my world that night except the picture of those kids and that very sentence of their mom, ‘शुक्रिया बाबूजी, वरना आज तोः बच्चे भूखे ही सोए थे ‘ (thank you sir, kids went to bed without food today)…


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#TeenSuicide: Suicide is NOT a solution

Suicide is one of the scariest words ever! It’s definitely not something which is fun to talk about; Suicide is an act of taking one’s own life. It involves the state of depression which a person goes through when one feels left out, rejected, dejected, unwanted etc. This September- the month of suicide prevention let’s talk about how not to commit suicide and how to deal with the depression.


One must understand that life is the most precious gift of the God, and hence we must value it, treasure it, take care of it and we must love every bit of it. Life is not a moment which can be ended just like that; it takes years to build what you are, to be what a man or woman can be. Problems are everywhere; it’s the nature of human life. After all, who does not have problems in this entire world? Some have bigger problems and some have minor ones but we all have been struggling with our own share of troubles. If we have some troubles in our lives, it does not mean we will end our lives. There is a way to deal with everything, so rather than quitting your life or getting it to an end, think twice about the purpose of life and what all you went through to be who you are today.

Let iChhori help everyone about how to deal with the suicide idea.

Talk to someone close to you:

When in this state of mind you always need someone to understand you. You may not be aware of what you should do, so talk to someone who you think can spend time with you. Be open about what he or she can help you with. This step can solve a lot of problems.


Keep busy- Do what you like:

Stop thinking about only the bad time; try doing things what you like to do the most. Doing what you like will divert the attention to interesting and engaging activities in the life. One you know what things make you feel better; it will be easy for you to keep yourself distracted from the depression.

Get Help- visit a Doctor:

This is needed; there is no shame in seeking help. Go consult a doctor and share your problem in detail. Nothing can be better than a doctor when a human is physically or mentally unaware. So a professional help is required.

Go down the happy memory lane:

Your life was a dream at some point of time. Revisit those happy times and think about the happy moments of your life. Just take a notepad and start writing all the good things that happened in life, you can read about those whenever you feel low.

Stop taking drugs or alcohol:

Use of drugs and alcohol cannot help you in anyway in thinking straight. The use of drugs and alcohol can affect the way you make decisions in your normal life. So stop the consumption of such addictive elements and bring the life back on the track.

Keep your home safe:

This thought of suicide is really dangerous; it can make you do things that you don’t want to even imagine in normal life. So make sure you don’t keep any such thing at home that can pose any threat to your safety or can help you take your life away.

Suicide is not the solution to any of your problem. It rather brings a lot of unimaginable problems for the ones who are directly or indirectly related to you. Life might have had a bad patch but there are many good memories also to cherish. Preserve and cherish good moments of your life, think about the smiles of the people whom you loved or love. Wouldn’t you care for those who are still there deep inside your heart? There cannot be a warrior without a brave thought. Never quit, be a fighter, be a warrior!



How to be Confident: Be You

It’s not easy being a woman. Be proud if you are born a woman. I know it’s hard at the beginning of each year; I set professional goals that I share with no one else, mainly to allow myself the freedom of audacity. I aim high setting my stretch goals so far outside of what looks possible that I get little scared just thinking about them. Much to my surprise, I’ve reached more of that stretch goal than I ever accomplished when I kept within modest safe boundaries.

When we stretch ourselves outside of our own confidence, when we are willing to live on the edge of our ability, there is energy, a drive that isn’t present within the confines of safe life. And using personal achievement as a catalyst to create an opportunity for other is just as important. Fulfilment does not lie within the fountain provision and safety. It lies in the joy carrying other forward as a result of our own journey.

Finding role modal who exhibits proof that it is possible to build illustrate careers, while carrying others forward, has helped me broaden my perspective. Some are dear friends and mentors while other simply inspires me by how they are choosing to spend their lives.

So, how can you be an inspiring woman?

Radiant humble confidence:

This is not as easy as it sounds. But someone who works hard enough (yes, acquiring confidence is hard work), has self-awareness, and is conscious of and connected to those around them, is exuding true modest assurance, and that’s inspiring.

Embrace your imperfection: Try to use your strength. Make yourself better. As a female you can use your ability to read the reactions of people and improve if you need to.


Be authentic: Just be you. It’s really that simple. The most inspiring women are those who are honest in their thoughts and in their actions. Interactions with inspiring women always feel genuine.

Your creativity is important: women, who inspire, are always unique and funny in their own way. So, don’t be so serious every time and stay happy. Your inner creativity helps you to connect with people. The best example of this trait is Twinkle Khanna alias Mrs Funny Bones.

Okay, let me guess, what you might find surprising? Which women inspire you? She may be your mother, your sister, your mother-in-law, your daughter, your teacher, that gynecologist, and so many other women that you encounter throughout a normal day. Don’t look at newspapers, magazines and in other places, just look around yourself and you will find them.



Teenage Abortion: Sin? Crime? or Both?

Was it a sin or a crime or both or neither, I don’t know yet, but if I would not have done that then you would not even talk or sit with me today. I was only 18 and too young to understand what was happening in my life, I was too immature to take decisions. But all of a sudden, I got pregnant.  It’s been more than 10 years, I and my boyfriend have been together. Our relationship has always been strong and our love for each other grew every day. We started dating each other when we were in 11th class and love was all that I could think of at that time. I still remember that special day.  On my 18th birthday, he decorated the entire place for me and that was the most beautiful moment of my life. Candles, flowers, heart shaped balloons all were shinning in the room and so was our love. I had lied to my parents that day saying that I was with my best friend and spent the night with my boyfriend instead. In the heat of the moment, we got very close and took our love beyond all the social boundaries. Days later, I was supposed to get my periods, but I missed them. I was not sure about the period cycle so I waited for a week. After waiting for a week in vein, I shared the problem with my friend and she asked me to get a home test done. It was really tough for me to go to a medical shop and buy the pregnancy test kit. So I went to the chemist and asked him in low hesitant voice, ‘bhaiya ek pregnancy test kit dena pls.’

I rushed back home with the kit and went straight into the washroom. I took the kit out and read all the instructions carefully. As I saw the pink line making its mark, my stress level was at its peak. 1 line turned dark pink then the second line also appeared and I was sure I was pregnant. I cried deep in my heart. I knew if I kill this baby, I would kill our child and if not, then my family would kill me for ruining their trust in me. I called my boyfriend told him the shocking details. Just like me, he too was scared and confused. But one of my friends was aware of such situations and she helped me in getting the child aborted. I always heard my mom and other ladies saying that ‘abortion is a sin’ but if I would not have committed that sin would they have accepted me and my baby?


After 10 years of that incident, I and my boyfriend are married now and I am 4 months pregnant, BUT It’s not my first child because I KILLED my first child!

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Be iChhori: Public Etiquette for Ladies

Whenever I am in public, I see lot of girls doing things which I don’t think they should be doing in public. We all should follow etiquette while in public. I have seen girls scratching their breasts by putting their hand under shirt even in a mall. They seem weird, manner less and less sensitive towards public behavior.  If you are at home, you can do anything you want as it’s your private area but when you are in public you need to behave the way you would expect others to behave in a public place. If you are a modern day chhori, you got to have some manners which other can appreciate and you do not have to cut a sorry figure in public. Let’s point out some ‘not to do things’ when you are in a public place such as mall, market, Delhi metro, cinema halls, college canteen, office gathering etc.

Picking your nose:


You are in train, bus or at a traffic signal; the most common sight is of people around you picking their noses. It looks disgusting and manner less. No matter how well you are dressed or how hot you look, you will lose all your charm if you are seen picking your nose. This manner less act can cost you the first impression, your first date, your promotion and even your job interview. So chhories, please save the action for your private room or bathroom, please.

Scratching your privates:


Some of the girls do not care about the public around them and they scratch their vag/breasts even in public as if no one is watching them. You have no idea how bad and bizarre it looks when someone puts a finger or two between the legs and keeps repeating it in public. If it feels itchy, please do so in your private area not among lots of people. When girls scratch their private parts in public, they seem to attract a lot of negative attention and some guys even create a wrong perception about whole thing.

Adjusting your cloths inappropriately:

Have you seen someone’s belly and panty colour just because she decided to lift her top up to adjust her dress in public? Yah, it seems common these days. Some just put their hands in pants to adjust their leggings. If you are not comfortable and ready to step out in public please do not. Its better to take your time compared the embarrassment you might face when you expose yourself while adjusting your cloths. At times, girls forget to adjust the cloths which they should such as the legging goes in to the crack if you sit for longer duration and when you walk around it looks weird to see the cloths in the butt crack. It accentuates the butts and cloths look untidy from behind. Another such example is the camel toe. Camel toe becomes quite visible when the legging is quite tight. iChhori suggests that you should take care of your cloths well before you step out in public.

Adjusting your bra:

This is the most common activity which girls get indulged into, irrespective of the place they are at. I have seen every girl adjusting the bra even now and then. Some adjust it from front; some from behind and some just get their hands inside the top and complete the task. No matter how they do it, it does not look nice and takes away all the elegance from your personality. Either choose the right type of bra or keep your assets clean to avoid itching and discomfort of the weather.

At iChhori we believe in elegance and best possible behaviour of females. We must look our best and we must act our best. After all we are the creators and guys look up to us. So let’s live up to their dreams and fantasies!




My Family: My Headquarter!

Companies have headquarters where the key employees need to report to, without any exceptions. Likewise, we, the girls also have the headquarter, called home, where we ALWAYS need to report to our parents. The only difference is that the employees can change their companies if they want to but girls can’t change their families, can they?

This happens in most of the families that have girls as members. Headquarter bosses (read parents) say that it’s only for security purpose but the actual reason is different. We are girls and there are some boundaries that society have decided for us. It is good if we are abiding by the family laws but if you ever try to go beyond the boundary line then society will make your life hell. Not even your family will support you in this situation. I personally feel bad about reporting to the family for every small or routine thing because rules are different for every person in my family. I mean, my brother has the different set of rules as he never has to explain where he is going and how soon he will be back in the evening/night.

I am a mature girl and have been searching for this answer for last 10 years. Of course, you also might have tried to look for answers for these inappropriate things in our lives. Can’t really find the answers, can we? And how can we? After all it’s a Men’s world. When I asked my bosses (parents) they said this is all for my security. I don’t how “not living a life” keeps me safe and how exactly my clothes or skin can automatically attract the potential rapists. When I go out with a trustworthy person, I always thought I will be safe, but not the strangers, trustworthy people all of a sudden, seem to turn into rapists. I don’t know why this happens.


Yes! This is our moral society’s orthodox rule. I am a mature girl of our society and I can marry some stranger because my parents have chosen him for me. I can marry that random guy and can have sex and obviously can have kids with him BUT I cannot live a normal life which I always wanted to. Because I am a GIRL a chhori who is considered morally good only if she follows the illogical and biased rules set up by the bosses of the society.


And it does not stop just here. Before marriage, we need to report to our parents or big brother but after marriage, headquarter changes and our in-laws and the husband become new bosses. And the reporting continues. The irony is that we are not even asked about these big decisions of our OWN life; we are just told whenever it happens. It is like we live our lives on ‘Need to Know’ basis. Are we the slaves for life? Where’s our own little life in this LIFE?










Most Googled things by women


You probably know, what are the most Googled questions. You might also know what most Googled trends of 2018 are. But do you know what women Google most on internet? When women are alone they take on the internet to search for anything and everything. You shouldn’t be surprised by the fact women search more than men on internet. Women search as basic as should I brush my teeth to as pervert as how to have an orgy. So if you are a chhori or even a chhora and wanna know what we surf the most when we are alone, you are reading the right post

Her own name:

Yes, girls search their own name just to see what comes up in search results. Most of them have a hidden desire to see their own name and profile in Google search as if they are celebrities but most of them get disappointed. Or they end up making a new year resolution that they will be famous within a year! (Very ambitious!). Girls are self-obsessed and this is the perfect example to prove it. Haha, i know you did that too. Why not do, when are pretty famous.

Does he love me?


Now this is a most confusing question, people say it’s tough to understand a girl but I feel it’s other way round. Girls are so soft, sensitive, emotional and so loving. Girl is one of the greatest creations of the God, it’s the men who are difficult to be understood. We don’t understand if he likes us or him like the best friend and so google baba rocks for this. At least we get to a point for a while.

Is the baby on the way?

Now this question has the highest searched records and the sad part is that its because of lack of sex education.  Women are still not aware of the facts related to this important matter of pregnancy. They rush to Google baba after every sexual encounter. Whether its excitement or query, this search item tops the list of lots of women. Search result gives hope to some and tears to others.

How to lose weight:


This is the most common concern women have on their minds. And they are always busy surfing the ways to lose weight quick and easy. Because we want to wear those cute little dresses too. So we surf this and please don’t judge us now. You boys are the reason we are so concerned about weight gain. You just don’t want to see the rel girl in us, all you care about is the flesh we carry.

Best place for Shopping:

No matter, if she wants to buy or not but adding to cart, is her favourite thing. She will search all relevant and irrelevant items and will keep adding to the cart. So this is every girl’s favourite time pass over the internet. Searching for new fashion items and latest offers is on the top of our minds.

About sexual fantasy:


People think only boys have sex on their minds but no honey girls are recorded to surf more than boys about sex and fantasies. Women search as first timer and as experienced ones also. They just want more and more of it!

These are the weird things that we girls keep looking at on Google. Crazy or weird but we do and will continue to do so!





Will I get a job?

Before you pass the judgement, let me introduce my candidature to you. I am MBA (Human Resource Management) from a tier I institute and a commerce graduate from Lady Shri Ram College of Commerce, New Delhi. And I have been a great speaker and comparer at my college level. I can speak English fluently and I have got very good listening skills. My introduction seems to be an impressive one, doesn’t it? BUT this is not what my potential employers seem to be interested in!

They are in search of something special, which I probably am lacking. Just like any other aspirant, I have got my CV made by team and have subscribed to their premier service of flashing my CV to potential recruiters. And it has resulted into some interview calls from good companies. Responding to the calls, I have followed all the steps which an obedient and sincere (read desperate!) job seeker would do. I have attended interviews in formal dress which I had to buy just to impress the HR personnel of those so called ‘good’ companies. I practiced my answers for the interviews questions, many a times, in front of the mirror.

But wherever I go for the interviews, the male candidates look at everything except my CV and my credentials. Size of my breasts seems to score more than my distinction in MBA. They are more interested in my hobbies and who I live with rather than my HR skill sets. Once I went to an office, I was asked to goto CEO’s directly. I was bit shocked as HR usually takes the first round of the interview. Anyway, I followed the office boy who escorted me to the CEO room. All I could see there was the back of a big chair and a big computer screen. I hardly had entered the room and I heard ‘sit down’ voice coming out of that big chair. I took the seat hesitantly and placed my credentials on the table. Chair turns towards me and I see a smiling, old and bald boss staring at me. He looked at my face for about a second and then spent rest of the minute by scanning the contours of my timid body.  ‘Relax, no need to be nervous’ he says to me, while still staring at my neckline. I was quite uncomfortable but said to myself that it’s natural to be nervous in the interview. I slide my CV towards him and he slides it back to me and says ‘no need of a CV, I have even seen your FB profile’. I was shocked not because he has seen my FB profile but by the way he looked at me while disclosing this piece of info to me.

Without asking any academic or skill related question, he asks, ‘are you comfortable in travelling with the CEO on business meetings?’ I wondered why HR employee needs to travel with the CEO for business meetings. Before I could answer the peculiar question, he adds that ‘it will be FUN’ while giving special emphasise on the word ‘fun’. At that point I could sense that it’s not my HR skill set but something else that he is looking for in return for a salary. But I was not ready at all to be a volunteered corporate slave. I smiled, gathered my credentials and ask, ‘Sir, do you have a daughter?’ He replies, ‘Yes, why?’ I added, ‘does she travel for business meetings?’ He gets visibly upset and before he could say anything, I gather my stuff and leave the chair saying ‘it must be fun’!



I met a guy: Life in #DelhiMetro

Fuck!! Its 8 am already, I am late again.  Boss is gonna screw me yaar. (Smelling myself) Ohh I don’t even need a bath, I am good to go. I still rush to the bathroom, check my WhatsApp while brushing my teeth. Like a bullet train, I put on my black skirt and white shirt. And yah, how can I even miss the deodorant. Hair checked, kajal checked, lipstick on point. Ah, I am hungry, never mind will pick something up at the metro station.  Living in Lajpat Nagar is a nightmare when you have your office all the way to Gurudhornoachrya metro station, Gurgaon. Rushing to the metro station and placing the card to enter and woo the surprise of ‘unavailable balance’ awaits me, so I get in the queue where the uncle is yelling out mc and bc like these words are invented by him.  “Uncleji please thoda side me ho jayo,” giving a 200 note at the counter for recharge. I rush towards the metro that goes to Central Secretariat (CS) as I need to change my metro line first from violet to yellow to go all the way to my place of hell called office. 9:30 am already and I am still not in the metro. Waiting for metro and thinking why they don’t keep AC all over the station. Finally, the metro arrives and I enter into the general compartment hoping to see someone hot (I didn’t even have my hot cuppa in the morning!). I enter and take the corner seat. Getting a seat in Delhi metro is an achievement for sure. Two stops later, an old lady enters and asks for the seat, I know it’s good to give your seat to someone who is in need but it still hurts like losing the race just before the finish line. So I stand near the doors resting my back to glass partition. And Shammi Narang in his signature tone announces ‘next station is Central Secretariat, doors will open on the right, please mind the gap’. Finally, I am at CS station and I rush towards the yellow line to change my metro. Wait what did I just see, this guy, OMG. (He is tall, dark and handsome). Stop! He saw me staring at him. Aww awkward moment, just act like nothing happened. We both enter into the same compartment and the doors of the metro are shut. As it’s the peak hour you cannot expect a seat in metro. Ya, I know I had an option to get into the ladies compartment. But why should I? When I have something too hot to look at. His decent formal attire, sharp eyes, pink lips and so chilled atmosphere. Stop, just stop!!!!!! (Am I staring at him again)? And who is that aunty staring at me like I am staring at her son. I look around and then again look at the guy. After 6 stops he comes close ( I am nervous, and the way aunty is looking at me, its making me more nervous. Wish I could freeze the moment, he is so so hot. I can’t wait to hear what he is going to say to me. May be he is interested in me else why would he come close to me? He comes even closer and says very politely, ‘Excuse me, I have to get down’. I move away from the door to give him the way. He leaves, I can see him through the door glass, he is walking away from me, far away! And its Shammi Narang again, announcing ‘please stand clear off the doors’ and the door is shut.



Self Love: I Am My Favourite

Close your eyes and whisper ‘LOVE’ silently to yourself. What happens? An unexplained sacred feeling breezes through your heart and mind, leaving an innocent smile on your face. If you look around, you will find love everywhere, lots of it. That sparkle in the eyes of that girl who just walked past you, a glance which a cute guy is sharing secretly with the girl sitting next to him on parking bench, an old but warm hand of a grandfather holding a tiny finger of a naughty baby walking around in your colony, teen age boy hiding his excitement while looking at a gorgeous but married lady in the mall. Love is not a word, it’s a feeling and this feeling is as delicate as feather, as strong as rock, as vast as sea and as natural as God!

No one ever could define LOVE. If love is not defined, how do you know that you are in love with someone OR that someone is in love with you? I, once, asked one of my friends about love and she threw two lines at me-

अपने ज़ुल्मो सितम का जरिया न बना मुझे,

सजा ही देनी है गर, तो मुझसे इश्क़ कर ले!

She said that complex answer is hidden in these two lines. These lines reveal that you are in constant pain if you don’t get love from the one you love and if you do get love, you are in pain for not getting enough. Expectations are never satisfied, it’s a human nature.

Either ways iChhori thinks that being in love is necessary, if not with someone else, then with ‘you’. The #SelfLove is one of the purest and selfless kinds of love. Why suffer heart break by someone else when you can love your own self.

Why fall in love with someone else when you can rise in love with yourself?

Let us help you in falling in love with ‘you’. Here are the open secrets which will make you ‘eligible’ and available for yourself-

Pamper ‘you’

You brought best of best cards for him from the Archie’s, you had sleepless night just deciding what could be the best line to pen down on that card for him, you went through thousands of shirts in the market to choose just the one for him! And he walked over you like he walked over a floor tile. Let’s have one more sleepless night thinking about what could be the best gift for ‘you’. Which poem will bring that lovable smile on your face? Which dress will make you look seductive to yourself? It’s high time you looked after yourself the way you wanted to look after that dumb butt. Make yourself happy and make yourself dream!


Know ‘you’

Do you know that you have the best and cutest smile in the town? Do you know that your neckline can make guys dream about unimaginable fantasies? Do you know that when your friends are sad the first person they call is ‘you’?Just look at yourself with a positive spectacle and you will kiss the mirror more than you can imagine!

Ignore perfectionism

Do you know that Sonam Kapoor (yah that gorgeous chick!) has lots of stretch marks on her body? Do you know that hunk you fantasise about has got severe back problem? Yes, I am talking about Hrithik Roshan. No one is perfect in the world and trust me it is a very good fact because perfection is boring and it’s predictable. Accept your beautiful self and enjoy being in your own skin.

‘Me’ Time

When was the last time you sat with yourself and both of you watched your favourite romantic movie together? I can guess that its been a while. So give yourself some time and enjoy own own company. It will help you to know yourself better. You will have some good memories also of you.

‘Gift’ yourself

You did something great in college, you won accolades in your office or you got compliments from your neighbourhood aunty, you need to celebrate this recognition. Go out, eat well and gift yourself something nice. If you do that, trust me you will love yourself even more.

‘My’ hobby

When you were little, you used to dress your doll better than Ritu Beri ever could.

And then ‘life’ happened to you and you lost your interest. It’s time to revive your interest and prepare a pretty dress for ‘you’. Develop your hobby and get lost in it whenever you get ‘Me’ time.

If your loved ones are asked, what she has been doing, iChhori would love to hear a complaint about you that ‘she is always lost in herself’





Traveling alone? How to stay safe while traveling alone?

Are you the one who has been waiting for your special someone to take you to places? or are you the modern chhori who wants to see the world through her own eyes and do not need any man to help you realize your dreams. If you are, then this article is for you baby.

Traveling solo is one of the most fascinating and exciting thing which you must do at some point of time in your life. Traveling alone is fun, adventurous and highly motivational but you got to plan it very well to enjoy it. We have listed some key points based on our travel experience, that you should consider-

  • Always have a disaster management plan

You need to plan for the ‘what if’ kind of factors of travel. What if I lose my luggage and phone, what if I get robbed, what if I get stuck in a natural disaster etc. You need to leave a copy of your itinerary with your friend or a family member so that they can track you down if required.  If travelling overseas, you need to keep all the important phone numbers with you.

  • Keep some ‘safety budget’ in your plan

Use some safety budget to upgrade from an isolated hotel to a city hotel or to book a cab for pick up rather walking alone to your hotel in the dark.

  • Do your travel research

All travel related aspects needs to be researched before making any booking for travel or hotel. What’s the place like? What’s the crime rate there? What’s the weather like? What kind of culture do they have? Etc.

  • Choose a hotel with positive rating

Website like TripAdvisor might help in deciding which hotel to book. Please check the user ratings for the hotel beforehand. How safe is the hotel for woman travelers? How is the staff there and what’s the location like? Etc.

  • Do not announce your hotel room number to strangers

Please do not brag about your travel plans while you are in a public place and do not disclose the room no. you have booked in which hotel.

  • Avoid booking room at the ground floor

It’s easy for strangers to roam around at ground floor and it’s easy to break in. So avoid taking any room at the ground floor. It will not be good from peace point of view also.

  • Carry only what is necessary

Travel light. Take only what’s is extremely necessary else leave it at home. Less luggage, less worry.

  • Check the room each time you enter in it

Once you check in, you need to check the room thoroughly for its locks and cameras etc.

  • Keep the door locked

Keep door locked always while you are inside. Unless ofcourse you are waiting for naked Leonardo DiCaprio to show up at the door!

  • Don’t mingle with strangers too soon

Go out an have fun with the local and other tourists in local eateries and pubs BUT do not befriend any stranger too soon. If you are too excited to do that just watch a clip of Crime Petrol for a afew minutes and you will be sober again!

  • Try to blend in

While you don’t have to befriend strangers, you need to blend in so that you are not the odd one out. Odd one out is so easy to be spotted by the potential criminals.

  • Watch your drinking and eating

You don’t want to get drunk and end in someone’s room do you? So watch your eating and drinking while enjoying in a party or local festival.

  • Choose your cloths carefully

Please wear modest cloths so that you don’t end up offending the locals and their culture.

  • Use the hotel’s main entrance

ALWAYS use the main entrance to enter and to exit so that you are seen by the staff and the cameras. Taking shortcuts through back doors is not safe.

  • Leave valuables locked in safe at the hotel

While going out f hotel, you should leave your valuable stuff in the safe in your room.


  • Stay alert and play smart

Be alert all the time. There’s no harm in acting as a spy for a few days! Rather than leaving room the way others do, you can leave ‘do not disturb’ sign at the door. That way you and your room will be safe from thieves.

iChhori wishes you a very happy, healthy, fun filled and safe travel around the world!