Coming back to home our eyes always search for this person and we come up with the question “Where is MOM?” Imagining our life without her for only 5 minutes is no less than a horror movie. She is the most precious human being one could get and we often take her for granted. But when the time comes and we realize her importance, she becomes our past.

Even private offices give one day off but Mother is the one who gets no holiday. Still, she does not beseech for it because she never takes her work as a burden rather her love for us. One can grab all the knowledge from their experiences but the lessons given by a MOTHER are nowhere to find. One cannot learn those lessons in a class as no teacher is worth teaching them. She keeps everyone before her and teaches us how to value others selflessly.


There is only one person in this entire world who loves without T&C applied and that is our Mother. She plays the role of a mother, daughter, wife, sister and what comes in, flawlessly, but we somewhere do not do justice to her. When we know that someone is going to stay forever with us we start degrading the value of that person in our lives and this is the same thing we do with our mothers. She never demands anything from us but she really wants to be loved and get the same respect as any other member of the family. But don’t we think that she deserves all the happiness of this world, then why do we lack in giving one?


We can learn so many moral life lessons just by observing our Mother. Nobody can teach “how to be selfless, how to love unconditionally, how to respect your work irrespective of getting anything in return, not expecting anything and many more” better than our own MOTHER. She never gets anything for what she does but it has to be our responsibility to become a person she feels proud of.


Nobody is more connected to us than a mother as our connection starts before 9 months of coming into this world. We all have seen GOD in her disguise. So, after reading this article just call your mom and ask her how she’s doing, tell her how much you love her and how thankful you are to god for her existence. You have no idea how grateful she feels after that.

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#TripleTalaq: The Theory Of Divorce

  • What does the Quran say about the Muslim woman’s hijab?

Muslim men don’t want women to know their power. If we go back to the time long before the modern conventions, to a time where Prophet Mohammad was given a task of finding a solution to the women being attacked, molested or harassed. If a woman was wearing a Jilbab (a garment like a coat), the man is supposed to leave her alone as Jilbab is like a status and it makes a woman free and a free woman is meant to be protected but if a woman wasn’t wearing a Jilbab then the men knew that the woman is a slave and they attacked her. This problem was gone to the Prophet Mohammad who faced many social and political situations at that time.


“*Oh Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks (veils) over their bodies. That is most convenient that they could be known as such(i.e. decent & chaste) and not be molested. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful.*”

The philosophy of work “TALAQ” recited by the men thrice. What after that?

It just takes three words to decide a woman’s fate of life forever, it exploits her life. It can be recited verbally or in written form. And what after the Talaq (divorce) that the husband wants to re-marry her? The Muslim laws are followed and the women alone get torn between the past and the present. It shows the absolute power of the Muslim men that they can disown their wives without her consent and even without the consent of the court.

Nikah Halala is practised by the Muslims in which a female divorcee marries someone else, consummates the marriage and then gets a divorce in order to make it allowable to remarry her previous husband.


According to the Quran:

Verily, Allah loves a house in which a wedding is held and hates a house in which a divorce is conducted and there is nothing more hateful than divorce.

If divorce is such a sin in the culture of Islam but having sexual relations with another man just to re-marry his wife again is not a sin? Is it acceptable to ruin the life of that woman? And why a woman has not got the right to divorce if her husband beats her, makes life hard on her, curses her. Is it acceptable to tell her to have patience and tolerate and bear it until her death arrives? These are not the rhetorical questions of this society; this is the real truth behind these questions.


These words will end, the voice that is being raised for these topics will not be uttered again, no action will be taken after tons of videos on this but that one thing that won’t stop i.e. – The unknown violence on women done on the name of culture and Quran and if the women will not come forward then no one can really take stand for them. They are the only solutions to their problems. They should come forward rather sitting and tolerating the violence which they should not. They can transform the lives of women.

Educating Muslim women around every corner will be a great help. The voices that are being suppressed from years will be raised. This should be the motive of every educated Muslim woman to educate other illiterate women so that a BIG change can be seen in the future.

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#KoffeeWithKaran: The dad-daughter Duo

In the modern times, the relationship between a father and a daughter is like a transformation now. Our fathers are our superheroes. A daughter is still going to search her father in her husband always and always. Because she knows that there’s only one man in this world who’s never going to hurt her.

Here are the most trending episode moments of Koffee with Karan- The sacred games actor Saif Ali Khan and the stunning and upcoming actress who is first seen in this episode with her father.

  1. How she argues with her father is amusing.


They both talk about patience and the argument they go through is so fun to look at. Yes, there are not always the mature discussions but also yelling and screaming too. Saif also talks about the last argument that he had with her daughter and Sara got offended and clear, that she is very patient.

  1. How they talk about the modern family situation.


It is good to see how comfortable they have made their daughter throughout and not suppressing her emotions but allowed her to say whatever she feels. She’s happy to see her father and mother happy, but not together and how she doesn’t have any problem with Kareena. Saif is surrounded by the most understanding women in her life. It’s kinda cool to see that how they’ve handled everything with great maturity!

  1. How happiness is their priority


The way Sara explains that how happiness should be everyone’s priority and she just feels happy for everyone first and nothing else.

  1. When they talk about googly-woogly Kareena


Everyone knows how Saif is into art and Kareena is an extrovert person and a fashionista altogether. They talk about how she did get bored when they went to the museum and all she wanted to go shopping or dinner.

  1. Saif gave a note to his ex-wife on his wedding day

He tells that he wrote a letter to Amrita to confess that he’s going to begin a new chapter in his life and he wishes all the happiness to her. Kareena felt so cool about and they again prove that they represent modern family situations every day.

  1. When they talk about the chubby Sara Ali Khan


The hilarious scenes of this episode were when we see Sara’s video when she was a chubby girl and her father funs around this conversation.

  1. And the most hilarious moment, when he talks about the priorities to get her daughter.


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In this world full of treachery, we often long for someone whom we can trust thoroughly and for that matter of fact we search for someone with whom we can make our future bright and this hunt starts basically when we enter our adolescence. When girls like boys they often hesitate to make the first move because in the mind set of our society girls cannot make first move as there exist some bullshit social norms and if she does she’s been termed as horny, slut, prostitute, whore and what not. Why two sets of rule?


Today we are going to talk about various kinds of boyfriends that we all encounter in one way or another either by dating them or by hearing about them. This world is full of dating or seeing each other and during that we encounter some philanderers who are so magnanimous that they know how to impress a girl just over texting and one girlfriend isn’t enough for them. The boys under this category don’t even recognize how bad it could get rather they want to increase their score card which enhances their position among the other boys who are also giving 100% of hard work for the same. These boys are one of a kind and they think it is too cool to be a playboy and believe me they are injected by flirt in place of blood.


Then comes the boys who are overall too cute to be with but one habit destroys their inner being and that habit is something no girl in this world can tackle with i.e. Possessiveness. Uuuurrgghhh! Doesn’t pronouncing this word irritates a well-being? But girls there is one advantage of such boys one can never miss one’s parents at any cost. Moreover you cannot be touchy to even your brothers because they point out your character before the society does. Basically they represent society, so how can you even think that they won’t exercise their rights. Special fundamental right has been given to them Right to Restrict your girlfriends’ freedom. Duh!!


Then come those who are injected by jaggery. You can see sugar dripping off even from their sweat and FYI boys; girls don’t want to be diabetes patient at this tender age. Why can’t you be what you really are? Girls do not like above mentioned boys and if you think they do, then this is nothing more than a myth. Girls want someone with whom they can emotionally connect, who respect her, support her and most of all understand her even if her own family don’t. And then love has its own whereabouts.


It is just not easy to impress a girl, boys just take your asses off and work on yourself for a better being then only you will be eligible for being someone’s partner.

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Brother Sister Relationship: Arguments, Tease, Sweet Fights and Lots of LOVE

Among all the relationships that you pursue, the relationship and the bond with your brother is the best degree of your whole life. This bond is like a lifetime achievement award. If you are the one who wants your parents to scold him, you’re also the one who saves him from the rest of the world.


  • The fights you have


~ Fighting over silly things with your brother must be the most frustrating moment for you right now but these are the precious moments which you’re going to cherish for your whole life.

  • The way you save each other

~ You’re one of the luckiest sisters who are being saved by her brother for her night outs and other stuff. He must bribe you for these things at this time but it will be fun to remember it when you stay apart.

  • The days are boring without him


~ You feel like the outings without him are boring. Ah yes! You just can’t deal your relatives at family functions and no one is there with you to judge people around. And with him, even your normal day will be the funniest day.

  • The late-night cravings and conversations

~ Here comes the most frustrating yet loveliest time, when you’re with him at his 2 am craving. That conversation about life and your daily routine with food is the wonderful of all.

The best part of brother-sister relationship is the craziness between them and the way they support each other in every hurdle. The way you giggle and laugh over silliest things sitting with your family is something happening going in your life. You don’t have to feel bored if you have got such a best brother. No matter how your brother is with everyone else, he will always be the best for you and the immense love that you have for each other will grow every day.


Enjoy these moments till then you don’t get apart from each other. He will save you from every devil guy of your life and will never let you go for the wrong guy.

Your brother is the gem. Love him till eternity!

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#MeToo: Rape within Family

How will you punish a father who rapes his own daughter, a brother who rapes his own sister or his own mother? Rape by own family members have become such a common news these days. The blood stops in the veins, the body freezes. What the world has come to? Who will punish the protectors who suddenly have turned into demons? They ruin innocent souls mercilessly. The victim, the poor girl does not get justice rather gets judged by other family members for not being very careful!

There have been so many incidents where family the so called ‘safe’ place have turned into a wild and dangerous emotionless jungle. Let me share some shocking stories with you.

A 14-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by a family member and got pregnant. During her pregnancy, all the members of the family tried to cover up the ruthless assault. The little girl was kept hidden from the society. The family members used to beat her up and jump on her stomach. The girl eventually gave birth and the baby was cruelly burnt on a charcoal grill according to the prosecutor of this case. Police arrested the suspects but what justice can be served to the little and 14 year old innocent soul. Will she ever be able to lead a normal life?


A 9-year-old was raped by her own brother. People asked her ‘why didn’t she run away from him? She gave the innocent answer. She said that all kids get punishment for being naughty and she thought that her brother was beating her up.

In another real life incidence, a girl gets raped by her mother’s ex-husband. She had been raped till 17 by her stepdad. Then a man came into her life and after getting her pregnant he left her alone. Now she has got 18 year old son but her own family manipulates him and her son doesn’t even want to see her. She is all alone in life, dealing with her ordeal on her own.

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Another 15 year old girl says when a relative came and started staying in her house, he started raping her. She was extremely depressed and confused. She continued to be silent for many months. He threatened her by saying that if she tells anybody he would rape her siblings too. Irony is that her parents were running an NGO who worked for women’s right but their own daughter was not able to exercise her rights.

iChhori wants to be blunt and straight in saying that girls are not safe anywhere in this world even in their own families. Protectors have become destroyers. Be cautious, be protective and more importantly be safe. If anything bad happens to you, be strong and raise your voice. There are hands in the family which will tear your clothes off and on the other hand there are hands outside family who will protect you. Anything is possible in this unpredictable world. Be strong and be iChhori!



#MOM: Mother Daughter Relationship

One thing that you can never rate is the intensity of the relationship with your mother. What makes a mother the mother? She gives birth to a child and promises to watch over, love, nourish and protect the child forever. My equation with my mother is a mix of love, lots of care, sweet arguments and some real quarrels. Most of the times we fight it out on home decor. We are like best friends more than enemies. We discuss, we argue, we scold each other, and we take stand for each other. What I like in my mother is her positive attitude towards pretty much everything. My mother is full of all those good traits that the adults as well as children want. She is a sensitive, smart, emotional and yet a strong woman.

Our relationship is much more than of a mother-daughter relationship, because we share a special share of time that only we can remember for the rest of our lives. This is the most beautiful relationship that you can ever have in your entire life.

I have inherited many qualities from her, such as, she and I both keep the place clean where we live in. Sometimes this cleaning habit creates issues for both of us. We forget where we put our important stuff in our home and then we argue about it with each other. The values that I got from my mother have made the strong foundation of my life. One thing that I have never been able to achieve like my mother is the level tolerance that she has. She suffers a lot everyday but still carries that sweet smile and positive attitude. I can’t do that in my life. I do not have that level of tolerance which she has.


As a daughter, my mother also teaches me, how to tolerate things and how bravely I can manage problems in my future life. The thing is I am not living in a society where girls are only meant to be a housemaker. My society is different from the society which she had while growing up. Every mother gives values to the daughter that she learnt from her mother. It is a typical Indian tradition that very mother-daughter follow. Seeing my mother facing the problems is a torture for me. She faces problems and I feel the heat as if fireballs have been thrown on my body. At times, I play as if I am the mother of my mother and I encourage her to fight for the right.

Sometimes a daughter like me, need a parent not a boyfriend and a friend. When daughter faces big challenges of her life, the only person who helps her is her mother. My mother has always been there for me in such big challenges. As a daughter I know what makes my mother happy so, sometimes I become her toy who brings her smile back on her cute face.  Like she loves when I cook something for her. All though, she taught me everything but I love to make her happy by doing some small things for her.

I want to keep her happy always. She is so adorable; she is cuter than a baby. She is my inspiration, she is my strength and she my joy.


iChhori salutes all the mothers! Mothers are not mere human beings, mothers are a feeling, mothers are an emotion, and mothers are LOVE!



Top Honeymoon Destinations – India

I am the one who was more excited about Honeymoon travel plan than the marriage itself!

I spent more time planning my honeymoon than I did in planning my marriage. Any teenage girl would picture the couple strolling on a beach or in hills holding each other close. Same has been my memory for ages. I used to get excited, blushed and very happy thinking about the honeymoon. And let me tell you by experience that Honeymoon is the best thing that will happen to you post marriage. Have you been waiting for the honeymoon for long? If your D day has arrived and you are almost about to leave for the honeymoon, where you both will come very and very – very close to each other, then keep reading this article. We have shortlisted some great locations for your Honeymoon, so keep reading and keep dreaming (you know what I mean!



Do you think this place needs an introduction, no it does not. This is the most amazing place for the newly married couple. From the happening nightlife to the luxury resorts to fancy hotels this place has it all what a young couple can crave for. If you want to enjoy the romantic beaches and dance in the moonlight then this is your place for honeymoon. Goa is world famous to host honeymoon couples. The casinos and vibrant tourist bring life to Goa and you just don’t feel like coming back home to your normal married life. There are plenty of good hotels and resorts in Goa to make your stay memorable. You can choose the place depending upon your budget. And yes the food is great. After all you need energy to have a good honeymoon, no?



 If you want to add royal style to your modern love then Udaipur is the city for you. You are his queen and he will treat you like one once you are in this city. Spending romantic nights in royal palaces will bring the Ghoomer fantasies back to life!

Located in Rajasthan it has the desi yet high class touch to it. Be it the food or the stay you can get the best of India here.  Udaipur has one of best hotels not only of India but the world. If you don’t know this yet, let me tell you that Hollywood celebrities to the presidents of USA, all have stayed in Udaipur because of its royal and classy and still down to earth culture.



From spices to coffee, mountains to lakes, Munnar is the paradise of south India. This peaceful place can be your choice if you want to relax away from the noise of messy cities and enjoy your bedroom tales. Sipping the authentic Indian tea while looking at the vast and beautiful Tea plantations will make your day memorable one. And if you want to head up and camp in the green hilly area that will be your best night under the sky. And the houseboat will take both of you to a different world and be careful it might make you bit naughty as well.

Where to Stay:

  • The tall tree
  • Grand Plaza



Your honeymoon deserves the memories in the heaven on Earth and heaven on Earth in India is the Kashmir. It’s also known as mini Switzerland.  If you just want to remember the love and love bites from your honeymoon and not the hefty expense then Kashmir is the place for you. Tulips, icy lakes, apple gardens, people and the food you can have all of these at one place and it’s called Kashmir. And how can you even miss the strawberry valley of Gulmarg?

Where to Stay:

  • The vintage
  • Royal Park

Now that you have come across some beautiful places to create your honeymoon dreams, I suggest you start packing your bags. Be happy and be safe and yes, the advice from iChhori, do not forget the contraceptives!





Make it better honey – How to improve your relationship with him

Problems are a part of a happy life. Infact, arguemnts and breakdown make a relationship better. If you two do not have the problem, how would you know what love is. Bold and independant  chhori is bound have friction with her boy anyway. Good part is that with every problem there comes a set of solutions. And if you have come to ichhori, its almost sure that you are one of those who is looking for some solutions to make your relationship better. If you do not know how it feels to loose somebody, you cannot know what its like to be with each other. If you feel your love ride has started to get bumpy, it’s time to add the oil of love to your wagon:


You have to understand the problem first. If you don’t understand the reason why you and your partner are feeling the friction, you both will have hard time find the right solution. So take a breath, hold on to a cup of your favourite coffee and talk to yourself. You will be surprised to know you’re your on self is so clear about the problem.

Take a break

Being always busy with the normal life, needs a break or a holiday. And this is a right time to pack your bags and escape to some beautiful place where you both can spend some quality time with each other. You will realize how you had forgotten each other in the hurry of living the busy days.

Surprise him


He loved the way he used to surpise you almost on every possible occasion. Wouldn’t he love the same if you start surprising him? Show him your typical iChhori skills aand make him fall in love with you all over again.

Spice things up


Romance and witt plays a key factor in a happy relationship. You can start by texting him something romantic and spicy to set the mood. Spicy surprises will definitaley make him love you more, afterall he the male! Closer the better and Better the closer.

Focus on giving love

You are busy and you have your own set of issues but hang on, he has got similar issues too. So stop nagging and start showring some delicate love on him. Be more lovable and loving and let him know that he is still the king of your little softy pinky heart.

#Throwback – Cherish the old days


Now this an important part, both of you seem to have forgotten the golden old days. You both meant everything to each other. You could sit for hours just looking at each other. And those flirty glances and text messages were pint of spice everyday each day. Relive that memorable time and rewind.

Let go of expectations

Stop expecting the stars from him. He is a normal living creature and is very busy with his life. So you need to be realistic and practical in expecting emotional as well as physical demands from him. Let go of expectations and take him in your arm the way he is. More you will explore, more you will find live hidden in his arms. ‘Chalo ek baar phirse, ajnabee ban jayen hum dono..’.

Be a bold yet sensitive chhori and give him so much love that he cant see anything else beyond your cute, loving and seductive smile!



How to deal with a break-up!

Your favourite restaurant does not seem to be a nice one anymore. You are locked inside your house. Don’t even feel like going to parlour. You are avoiding the phone calls of your best girlfriends. Well, sweetheart, break-up is a basic human activity which happens in pretty much everyone’s life. You need to stand up and deal with it. How can you do that? Well, read on- 


  • Don’t be a cry baby

You are not in UKG class and he was not your father. So stop being a cry baby already. You are a modern and independent girl and you can manage your own shit better than others.

  • Do NOT announce your break up status on Facebook or Instagram

Whole world does not need to know that you have just broken up. Please remember that it’s your personal life and hence these moments should be personal. Your friend and friends of friends are used to seeing you happy in life (atleast on social media) so announcing your break up with a guy who they do not have much idea about is a bad move.

  • Block him from your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms that you love to use

Somebody who is not worthy of being in your heart, does not deserve a seat in your online friend list. You do not want him to remind you of your past. Go ahead and slap a block sign on his online face. You need to get rid of pretty much everything which might remind you of him. If something costly is there which he might have gifted you, there is no harm in keeping that. After all he was a human being and showing bit of respect by keeping that gifted piece of jewelry is totally ok (you selfish bum!)

  • Going out with friends and getting drunk might help

When was the last time you went out without him? Well, iChhori knows for sure that it’s been a while. So plan an outing with your saucy girls and get drunk. You need to detox yourself off his memories.

  • Avoid bumping into him through common friends

A friend who is known to both of you is throwing a party and you are invited, obviously. Please avoid. Better to stay at home than seeing recent ex there and then showing your ‘I still Love you’ face to him in presence of all your friends.

  • ‘Let’s just be friends’ is not a good idea

 Don’t try to act too intellectual by letting him keep you ‘still a friend’. Once he is out, he stays out. If you are reading this, we assume that you have got a bit of iChhori in you. And if you do, you are strong enough to tell him to Fu** off!

  • Do not use him as a ‘reference’ in your talk anymore

Stop mentioning him in your talks. We know that you have been missing him but you don’t have to give his examples to whoever you talk to.

  • ‘I just wanna send one text/WhatsApp message to him’ is a big NO

Have you heard of the Nana Patekar dialogue in Welcome, ‘control Uday, control’. Well, we want to say the same to you. You need to control. Everything will be ok over the time. We know that you have been missing him ever since you broke up with him but he is not coming back and even if he is, you need to slam the door on his face.


  • Make yourself busy with something productive

Join that dance class which you have been planning on for many days. You wanted to learn how to bake yummy cheese cakes too, why don’t you join baking/cookery classes? Point is that you have lost something which you have been always busy with, so you need to fill that void and that too with a productive engagement. You will not only get over him but also will acquire a new skill.

  • Be a family girl and spend more time with your family

This is the time to be with your parents and other members of the family. No one else can give that sense of belonging and sacred affection which ‘home’ can. It’s time to be at home with your parents for as long as possible.

  • Plan a trip with your friends

Plan an all-girls trip with your girlfriends and yell at the peaks of Manali/Coorg/Ooty or wherever you want to go. Go and have heaps of fun and yes, do not behave!

 Don’t jump into a new relationship too soon

 While partying out or on a trip with your girls, you might get the attention of some nice guy but you got to control again. You are wounded and any more spice in life might hurt worse than before. SO take your time. Go slow and enjoy your own company for a change.

  • Healthy flirt can make you feel happy

You should bot jump into a new relationship too soon but who says you can’t flirt with a hot guy? There’s no harm in getting to know yourself that guys are checking you out wherever you go. You are the diva and the chhori of 21st century; you have all the rights in world to go out there and your share of fun.

  • Don’t fantasize about getting him back

 You still hold your pillow close to you thinking about him? Well we say that he didn’t deserve you. If he could not see your worth then, he won’t see it now either. Stop dreaming about him being on his knees and begging to take him back. It’s a dream and you better keep it that way.

  • Believe that ‘It was not your fault’

Stop analyzing the whole thing with a prefix of ‘what if I…’It was not your fault. If somebody does not know how to use the cutlery at a fine dining restaurant, it does not mean that food is not good and its chef’s fault.

  • Do Not plan any wild revenge

‘How can he do this to me? I will teach him a lesson’. If this sounds like you, please stop directing a new imaginative ‘crime patrol’ episode in your mind (seriously!). ‘Move on’ is the key to a happy, successful and peaceful life.


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Why Women Date Married Men?

Mate Poaching is the new trend and it seem not to be going anywhere for a very long time.

Girls have especial affinity towards the men who are already taken. Various studies done on women in different parts of the world prove that women are more interested in married men compared to the ones who are still single. So what could be reason for women to go weak in knees for these married men? Well there could be many such as-

  • Sex

He is married and hence you decide to have him in your life for sex only. And why not, it seems very attractive and lusty. After all you are sleeping with somebody else man and this gives you a high!

  • Sense of Competition

You are the woman of substance (atleast you think so!) and you like taking the completion head on. There is a hot woman and you feel hotter if you are dating her husband! Females and Jealousy are inseparable, and some women are more jealous than others, they just have it in them in abundance. Taking the married man of a hot woman makes you feel like a winner and best part is that you don’t even have to be answerable to her man because you are not married to him but she is.

  • No strings attached

Women are already burdened with lots of stuff aren’t they? So they don’t want extra baggage and that too an emotional one. One of the tempting points of being in a relationship with a married man is that you don’t have to worry about too much about his texts and phone calls. You get to have a plenty of your own space and freedom. With married men it’s all fun minus emotional baggage.

  • ‘Tried’, ‘Tested’, ‘OK’ stamp

Because he has been through the selection process and have handled the typical female nagging, you have got a tested soul at your hand. Its good catch, isn’t it? He knows how to make you feel happy and more importantly satisfied because he is been trained by the ‘Other Woman’ already! Whether it’s his one liners or long understanding talk or a very lusty and sensuous sex, he seem to be experienced about everything you have ever desired.

  • Its forbidden so it’s fun and lusty


If you go through the results of all the studies done on ‘female fantasy’, you will find one thing in common. And that one common thing is that most of the female fantasies are kind of ‘forbidden and illicit’. As it’s forbidden and illicit, it is lusty and adventurous. Sneaking into bedroom with a married man is much more adventurous than doing it with a single guy and that too in his own bed which he shares with his wife!

But iChhori wants to warn you that a relationship with a married man might seem very lusty and attractive but it has got its own disastrous results so all the mate poachers out there are suggested to listen to your mind also while you cater to the needs of your body.





How Not To Break-Up With Him

You have been in a relationship for a significant amount of time and just not feeling upto it anymore?

Well before the big word ‘break-up’ comes to your mind, take a chill pill girl!

There are many reasons which you might have to think of breaking up with him such as-

Bad Sex:

He does not seem to make you scream or squirt anymore. Well, have you given it a deep thought that what probably could be reason? Is he stressed because of his work pressure or family issues or is it you who’s not that diva anymore. Give it a thought and try to find out the real reason because I can tell you for sure that sex is not only a physical thing but also an emotional thing. You need to help your man to spice it up a bit!

Things you used to love about him are no longer interesting enough:

His different laugh which you loved him for, sounds irritating now? His long hair which you hardly could keep your fingers off from look dirty to you? If these are the kind of excuses (oh yes, I’d rather call them excuses) you have then it’s you, who has changed not him! He has got same habits which you loved him for and may be now you want him to change, is it?

Your girlfriends talk to him more than they talk to you:

He has become popular among your friends and now scene is that your female friends love to talk to him in your presence? Well you might just be jealous and if you are, it’s perfectly ok for girl to be jealous. But you should be rather happy that you are dating a hunk that other girls seem to admire and hence are willing to talk to.

He is interested in everything but you:

He is always busy with his phone, laptop and his games. He does not seem to give you much time. But let’s be realistic and accept that we all, at times want our own little space. A stage comes when we seem to get bored of our daily routine and look for a change. He might be looking for his own space but it doesn’t mean that you he loves you any less.

He doesn’t care as much as he used to:

He used to take care of you a hell lot. He used to check up on you many a times in a day but this doesn’t seem to be the case lately. Well do not loose heart sweetheart, he just might be following ‘how can I miss you if you never leave me alone’ approach. Give him some scope for more understanding and ‘me time’ and all will be hunky-dory again.

You need to give him more to receive more. Just be there with him and make him feel loved and cared for and he will be your guy forever. As they say every MAN has a child inside him. If you pamper that child your man is not going anywhere. And remember that the child inside that man is a grown up one so you better show him more than 50 shades of grey!