#MentalHealth: Mental Health of Women in Today's World

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#MentalHealth: Mental Health of Women in Today's World

#MentalHealth: Mental Health of Women in Today's World

Being a fun-loving strong girl around is the most wonderful feeling that you can ever have. Yes, it feels great to have a carefree nature since childhood and the feeling of self-love is magnificent. But also, there are the emotions that you go through when things go bad in your carefree life and you just hold your emotions because that fun-loving image of yours would be lost.

  • Inclination towards negative thoughts
  • Social Isolation
  • Poor diet
  • Insomnia/Hypersomnia etc.

These things make your life even worse and you start hating yourself. So what you should do instead?

  • Explore new things
  • Embrace your imperfections
  • Do stupid stuff you were planning to do
  • Make a list of things you want to do

You will see a drastic change in your life. Do the things that will result into a life that you have been dreaming about since childhood. Degrading yourself will only make you more depressed, accept yourself. The day you will stop admiring the people and call off the feeling to be like the people you admire, that day will be the most acceptable day which will give you an enormously beautiful life and you will thank yourself later!

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