Make it better honey – How to improve your relationship with him

Problems are a part of a happy life. Infact, arguemnts and breakdown make a relationship better. If you two do not have the problem, how would you know what love is. Bold and independant  chhori is bound have friction with her boy anyway. Good part is that with every problem there comes a set of solutions. And if you have come to ichhori, its almost sure that you are one of those who is looking for some solutions to make your relationship better. If you do not know how it feels to loose somebody, you cannot know what its like to be with each other. If you feel your love ride has started to get bumpy, it’s time to add the oil of love to your wagon:


You have to understand the problem first. If you don’t understand the reason why you and your partner are feeling the friction, you both will have hard time find the right solution. So take a breath, hold on to a cup of your favourite coffee and talk to yourself. You will be surprised to know you’re your on self is so clear about the problem.

Take a break

Being always busy with the normal life, needs a break or a holiday. And this is a right time to pack your bags and escape to some beautiful place where you both can spend some quality time with each other. You will realize how you had forgotten each other in the hurry of living the busy days.

Surprise him


He loved the way he used to surpise you almost on every possible occasion. Wouldn’t he love the same if you start surprising him? Show him your typical iChhori skills aand make him fall in love with you all over again.

Spice things up


Romance and witt plays a key factor in a happy relationship. You can start by texting him something romantic and spicy to set the mood. Spicy surprises will definitaley make him love you more, afterall he the male! Closer the better and Better the closer.

Focus on giving love

You are busy and you have your own set of issues but hang on, he has got similar issues too. So stop nagging and start showring some delicate love on him. Be more lovable and loving and let him know that he is still the king of your little softy pinky heart.

#Throwback – Cherish the old days


Now this an important part, both of you seem to have forgotten the golden old days. You both meant everything to each other. You could sit for hours just looking at each other. And those flirty glances and text messages were pint of spice everyday each day. Relive that memorable time and rewind.

Let go of expectations

Stop expecting the stars from him. He is a normal living creature and is very busy with his life. So you need to be realistic and practical in expecting emotional as well as physical demands from him. Let go of expectations and take him in your arm the way he is. More you will explore, more you will find live hidden in his arms. ‘Chalo ek baar phirse, ajnabee ban jayen hum dono..’.

Be a bold yet sensitive chhori and give him so much love that he cant see anything else beyond your cute, loving and seductive smile!



How Not To Break-Up With Him

You have been in a relationship for a significant amount of time and just not feeling upto it anymore?

Well before the big word ‘break-up’ comes to your mind, take a chill pill girl!

There are many reasons which you might have to think of breaking up with him such as-

Bad Sex:

He does not seem to make you scream or squirt anymore. Well, have you given it a deep thought that what probably could be reason? Is he stressed because of his work pressure or family issues or is it you who’s not that diva anymore. Give it a thought and try to find out the real reason because I can tell you for sure that sex is not only a physical thing but also an emotional thing. You need to help your man to spice it up a bit!

Things you used to love about him are no longer interesting enough:

His different laugh which you loved him for, sounds irritating now? His long hair which you hardly could keep your fingers off from look dirty to you? If these are the kind of excuses (oh yes, I’d rather call them excuses) you have then it’s you, who has changed not him! He has got same habits which you loved him for and may be now you want him to change, is it?

Your girlfriends talk to him more than they talk to you:

He has become popular among your friends and now scene is that your female friends love to talk to him in your presence? Well you might just be jealous and if you are, it’s perfectly ok for girl to be jealous. But you should be rather happy that you are dating a hunk that other girls seem to admire and hence are willing to talk to.

He is interested in everything but you:

He is always busy with his phone, laptop and his games. He does not seem to give you much time. But let’s be realistic and accept that we all, at times want our own little space. A stage comes when we seem to get bored of our daily routine and look for a change. He might be looking for his own space but it doesn’t mean that you he loves you any less.

He doesn’t care as much as he used to:

He used to take care of you a hell lot. He used to check up on you many a times in a day but this doesn’t seem to be the case lately. Well do not loose heart sweetheart, he just might be following ‘how can I miss you if you never leave me alone’ approach. Give him some scope for more understanding and ‘me time’ and all will be hunky-dory again.

You need to give him more to receive more. Just be there with him and make him feel loved and cared for and he will be your guy forever. As they say every MAN has a child inside him. If you pamper that child your man is not going anywhere. And remember that the child inside that man is a grown up one so you better show him more than 50 shades of grey!