I met a guy: Life in #DelhiMetro

Fuck!! Its 8 am already, I am late again.  Boss is gonna screw me yaar. (Smelling myself) Ohh I don’t even need a bath, I am good to go. I still rush to the bathroom, check my WhatsApp while brushing my teeth. Like a bullet train, I put on my black skirt and white shirt. And yah, how can I even miss the deodorant. Hair checked, kajal checked, lipstick on point. Ah, I am hungry, never mind will pick something up at the metro station.  Living in Lajpat Nagar is a nightmare when you have your office all the way to Gurudhornoachrya metro station, Gurgaon. Rushing to the metro station and placing the card to enter and woo the surprise of ‘unavailable balance’ awaits me, so I get in the queue where the uncle is yelling out mc and bc like these words are invented by him.  “Uncleji please thoda side me ho jayo,” giving a 200 note at the counter for recharge. I rush towards the metro that goes to Central Secretariat (CS) as I need to change my metro line first from violet to yellow to go all the way to my place of hell called office. 9:30 am already and I am still not in the metro. Waiting for metro and thinking why they don’t keep AC all over the station. Finally, the metro arrives and I enter into the general compartment hoping to see someone hot (I didn’t even have my hot cuppa in the morning!). I enter and take the corner seat. Getting a seat in Delhi metro is an achievement for sure. Two stops later, an old lady enters and asks for the seat, I know it’s good to give your seat to someone who is in need but it still hurts like losing the race just before the finish line. So I stand near the doors resting my back to glass partition. And Shammi Narang in his signature tone announces ‘next station is Central Secretariat, doors will open on the right, please mind the gap’. Finally, I am at CS station and I rush towards the yellow line to change my metro. Wait what did I just see, this guy, OMG. (He is tall, dark and handsome). Stop! He saw me staring at him. Aww awkward moment, just act like nothing happened. We both enter into the same compartment and the doors of the metro are shut. As it’s the peak hour you cannot expect a seat in metro. Ya, I know I had an option to get into the ladies compartment. But why should I? When I have something too hot to look at. His decent formal attire, sharp eyes, pink lips and so chilled atmosphere. Stop, just stop!!!!!! (Am I staring at him again)? And who is that aunty staring at me like I am staring at her son. I look around and then again look at the guy. After 6 stops he comes close ( I am nervous, and the way aunty is looking at me, its making me more nervous. Wish I could freeze the moment, he is so so hot. I can’t wait to hear what he is going to say to me. May be he is interested in me else why would he come close to me? He comes even closer and says very politely, ‘Excuse me, I have to get down’. I move away from the door to give him the way. He leaves, I can see him through the door glass, he is walking away from me, far away! And its Shammi Narang again, announcing ‘please stand clear off the doors’ and the door is shut.



Sexual Harassment in Delhi Metro

How do you tell how many men and how many perverts travel in our so called ‘world class’ Delhi metro?

Delhi metro is one of the busiest public transports in India at the moment and Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has been handling the pressure of daily commuters with a great sense of professionalism and responsibility. Sadly, commuters have not been showing the similar sense of responsibility. It is a common scene to see men sitting in the seats reserved for women commuters.

If wrong doers are confronted, they blame the women commuters for not going to the coach/compartment reserved for the ladies. Men usually circle around the women commuters and lave no chance to get close or even grope the ladies in Delhi metro. There are various cases which get reported on daily basis but there is hardly anything which is done by the authorities to put a permanent full stop to the sexual harassment faced by ladies in Delhi metro.

According to Neeta (name changed), she takes metro from Sarita Vihar to reach her office at ITO metro. She reveals in a frustrated voice that no day goes by without men touching different parts of her body. It’s always very crowded during peak/office hours and hence everybody struggles to find enough space to even stand properly. Taking advantage of this situation, men rub thighs against her butt, try to press crotch against her, and try to even grope her breasts by placing their arms or hands quite intentionally around that area. But she has got no other option of travelling to her office as it’s similar even in public buses.

There are thousands of females like Neeta who face the sick and disgusting touch of hundreds of perverts in Delhi Metro but there is very little what they could do to avoid it.

Feminists blame DMRC for not providing enough no. of ladies coaches in Delhi Metro as just one coach is just not enough considering the number of female commuters of Delhi Metro. While there are other females who argue whether there is even need of female coaches in metro at all. A part of female group does not even want one ladies coach in Metro; they want to keep the female freedom alive by allowing them to travel in any coach they want to and that too with great sense of freedom and safety. They argue that if women are independent and are equal to men then why create a distinction which makes females look inferior. Well there’s point in their argument but all iChhori has to say is that female should be provided with an environment where there are no perverts, no rubbing or groping in metro. She should be able to roam around anywhere she wishes to. After all angles are not be caged, are they?