Nothing to do but still busy?

I have been doing almost nothing but I have been very busy. Sounds stupid but it’s true. I have been going to the same office and doing same work (which is not much at all) and after office, I have nothing urgent to attend to but I am so busy in my head. All the members of my family and friends keep complaining that I don’t give them as much time as much I used to.

I even can’t pay my bills on time; I keep pushing them to the due date even though I can pay the bills online in just a minute. I am unable to fulfill my interests of designing cloths or jewelry or cooking.

I keep saying it myself that I will do it ‘LATER’.

This ‘LATER’ is killing my life. I have become so busy in doing nothing. Surprisingly, when I looked around, I found that I am not alone who has been suffering from this ‘LATER’ syndrome. In my office, in my friend circle, in my family, there are so many people who are so free yet pretend to be so busy all the time. This weekend I sat down and decided to do something about it.

I realized we have been wasting time in absolutely useless activities and hence running out of usable/useful time of the day. Some of the most frequently attended but useless activities are-


  • YouTube

People spend enormous amount of time browsing irrelevant videos on YouTube. Crazy experimental videos caught on cam videos, viral videos, meaningless TikTok videos etc. We genuinely do not want to learn anything from YouTube videos but we love to browse through a few videos each day and kill our precious time. We know that we have to do some meaningful chore but we keep pushing that chore for ‘Later’ stage and wasting time on silly videos become our priority.

  • Social Media

We love to peep into the profiles of our friends and not so good friends, just to see what they are up to and whether they are doing better than us in their life or not. Instagram , Twitter and Facebook are the fav platforms where we just love to search through hundreds of pictures of friends, celebrities, makeup artists and bla bla. Rather than utilizing our time in doing something meaningful and important we are more interested in seeing those dresses on Instagram which we actually never gonna wear or even like in real world.

  • TV

You go back to your home in the evening and pretend to be tired as if you had a very busy day and sit in front of TV to give yourself some relaxing moment after your so called buys day. Does it sound familiar? Of yes it definitely does. We all do that, we just sit in front of TV and keep changing channels but we are not actually interested in watching any of the program, we are just used to killing our precious time. We have become so lazy and unambitious that these activities seem ok and we love to pretend that we are engaged with some activity at least such as watching TV.

  • Sitting around

At times we don’t watch any TV, we don’t browse through social media channels or YouTube videos, and we just sit around. Mind is busy in thinking hard about nothing. We just sit for hours and still mind is so busy inside, but none of the thoughts make any sense. We pretend to be thinking/planning some goals or ways to achieve those goals but after a few hours of sitting around, we get up and start doing something else such watching YouTube videos, everything else can be done’ LATER’.

We fail to realize that life is made of days and waste of any day means waste of a portion of that life. We continue to waste no. of days, we continue to waste even larger portion of our life. It’s very simple to understand but then let’s watch some YouTube/TikTok videos because thinking about life can be done LATER!

Pics: Google.



#MentalHealth: Mental Health of Women in Today’s World

Being a fun-loving strong girl around is the most wonderful feeling that you can ever have. Yes, it feels great to have a carefree nature since childhood and the feeling of self-love is magnificent. But also, there are the emotions that you go through when things go bad in your carefree life and you just hold your emotions because that fun-loving image of yours would be lost.


Everyone has turning points in their life which they can never forget ,but the main problem comes when you have to hold back or hide your emotions from your family and friends, because, you don’t want them to get inclined towards you and asking you every time about what the fuck had happened in your life. But you’re a real masterpiece, right? You will stay as happy as you can the whole day and will wait for the night, so the world disappears and you can be what you actually are. The reason you cannot be what you actually are is- THE FEAR OF JUDGEMENT. You don’t want people to judge you for your stupid emotions now (which actually aren’t), but it will lead to a much bigger problem than before. There are some women who work so hard the whole day and pretend to be someone but are something else.

“It takes a great deal of courage to see the world in all its tainted glory, and still to love it.”

Bingo! Who the hell really is inside you? When you hold your emotions being a strong woman it will eventually lead to depression inside you and the feeling of self-love vanishes. Don’t do this to yourself, YOU strong woman. Share what you go through to those who love you unconditionally and do stuff which makes you happy. According to the research that we have gone through, more than 70% of women deal with depression and mental health should be considered a serious problem. Just like other diseases, we should also give a serious thought to mental health.

It leads to worse things such as –

  • Inclination towards negative thoughts
  • Social Isolation
  • Poor diet
  • Insomnia/Hypersomnia etc.

These things make your life even worse and you start hating yourself. So what you should do instead?

  • Explore new things
  • Embrace your imperfections
  • Do stupid stuff you were planning to do
  • Make a list of things you want to do


You will see a drastic change in your life. Do the things that will result into a life that you have been dreaming about since childhood. Degrading yourself will only make you more depressed, accept yourself. The day you will stop admiring the people and call off the feeling to be like the people you admire, that day will be the most acceptable day which will give you an enormously beautiful life and you will thank yourself later!