1. #WhyShouldIShutUp: Harassment in public transport

“No mom I don’t wanna go anywhere, it’s Saturday and I wanna sleep a little more.” UUURRGGHHHH! Guyz who needs to set an alarm when you have your mom in its disguise? Still shouting at me so that I can take my ass off the bed but I, like always wanting those essential 5 more minutes. It was kinda good morning for me because for a school going kid nothing is better than a morning sleep. After leaving the bed I got to know that we were going to my aunt’s place and going to have a really nice lunch there. For that mouth-watering feeling, I got ready really quick so that we can leave as early as possible.

My mother, brother and I are now leaving for the whole day enjoyment and fun. We wait for personal auto rickshaw but at last waiting for too long forced us to take sharing auto. Mom and I sat together at one side of the sharing auto and bro sat at the other side with other two male passengers. You must be wondering why am I so concerned about mentioning the gender of the co-passengers, let me tell you the incident takes place because of them being a male. I am in a very jolly mood and waiting for the day to show me abruptly what is there in the treasure for me but I didn’t know that an incident is going to happen which would shake me up for years. Being a teenage girl and not facing any harassment is the only thing I believe is IMPOSSIBLE.

I am enjoying the nature outside but suddenly I feel something touched my feet. After few seconds I noticed that a guy sitting in front is touching my feet on purpose. I feel uncomfortable, it never happened with me so I am totally blank. I want to share it with mom right away but I am unable to even speak. He touches it again and I am searching for a place to keep my feet far from him but unable to keep it away as you know how small sharing autos are. I, spreading the corners of my eyes while looking at him to threaten him but in reply he still gives me a wink and a kiss.


I desperately want to get down from auto rickshaw ASAP. I was scared that while getting down, he might grope me and the same thing happened. Auto halts for us to get down and when my turn comes to get up, he gropes my buttocks with his filthy hand. His smile was the most disgusting expression I had seen in all my teenage years. He touched my ass as if it belonged to him. Nobody knows what happened in the auto, only me and that guy. I was so confused, scared and was shivering with some kind of unknown fear, at least unknown till that moment of disgust.

I was just a happy going, chirpy, innocent teenage girl. That incident made me very silent and sad for days. It may vanish from his mind in no day but this is going to be with me forever. Silently, I cried for days and months and nobody knows. The irony is nobody even cares even if they notice anything of this sort. I couldn’t come out of that feeling of being used and feeling of being a non-human being to that co-passenger. I will have to fight my own battle. A battle which I didn’t even know that I would have to fight ever in my life. But I will and I will destroy the feeling of disgust and will come out of it like a warrior!


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Many of us don’t even know the meaning of this word, however, faces this every random day. Cat Calling is an informal invitation given by men to women on the streets that too attached with lots of love in it where women are benefited with free offers of sex and any other pleasurable needs with no terms and conditions applied from their side.


It seems like women are born just to get harassed by men with escaping no corners be it any street, neighborhood, workplace and oh! How can I forget the safest place, HOME, where most of the molestation takes place within four boundaries and in return, it turns the life of a girl into hell. From a survey it is concluded that a male gender gets attract towards a female gender when she starts getting hormonal change which appears physically like widening of hips, developing of breasts, appearance of pubic hair and growth spurt which make her mature enough to tempt but then how will we define the rape with a five year old and even with four and eight months old girl which has nothing to tempt? Is it true to say that its women who tempt men by their physical appearance or even by their dress up? It is not our fault that we are beautiful, instead, they should go all blind if they come up with this reference that women are the reason for increasing rapes in the country.


Personally, I have never met a girl who would say that she has never been catcalled or harassed by men. It looks as if we have been bestowed with this copyright without asking for permission. Can you imagine how it feels like being touched by someone that too inappropriately, without your permission? And you don’t even realize if it is good or bad and hence, this is the place where parents lack. Talking about such topics in the typical Indian family is a taboo, so with lack of knowledge we tolerate it for years and then end up making it no less than a hell. What do you think till which end it is acceptable if we take it individually? If you are in a process of becoming a lady or already a lady then you will or must be facing problems where men try to touch you in multiple ways, try to pinch your ass, grab your boobs, feel your vagina, which definitely makes you start thinking that you would have done better with a DICK instead of  a vagina as it happens with every girl living next door, replace that thought by making it your strength and only by being strong you can conquer those douchebags living at every corner across the globe. Will it be acceptable by our society if we start intimidating guys verbally, like this?-

  • ‘Aye sexy, bada mast lag raha hai kahan chala?’
  • ‘Aye, kya maal hai tu to bhyi’
  • ‘16 ka dola 46 ki chhati hai kya janeman?’
  • ‘Are aaj to bahot garmi hogae hai dekho zara isko itna hot lag raha hai’
  • ‘Iske achhe hain…
  • ‘Aye baby bombshell’


Will it? Yes, that is why it is unacceptable to girls as well. It is not cool to use words like slut, prostitute, and whore for a girl who says NO. And girls, if you start giving it back then only you will be able to stand for yourself, if a man looks at you do not get uncomfortable instead stare him back from head to toe, to show him that you are not afraid. Ignoring and walking away is not a solution, somewhere we need to take the risk and from there we can gradually change our surrounding.

It is not nice, none of it is nice.







I am a Girl: I do not exist!

We are almost half of the world’s population. And we are also human beings, have the nations forgotten about us?  Every day you read about a rape case and people think that its common and normal thing nowadays.


Females want an answer now if anyone can answer, how can killing a human or inserting a rod in your vagina be a common or normal thing? Are we not important to the country? Where are the political leaders who and ask for votes during the elections? Where are the people who march on the streets and act as the feminists or even the well-wishers of the female fraternity? Where are the men in uniform who are kept for the safety of the country but are even found involved in some of the cases? Where are the citizens who are lost in the darkness of the politics? If I wear a short skirt, I am raped. If I wear a diaper, I am raped. If I wear a burqua, I get raped. If I am in my teens I get raped. If I am a mom, I get raped. Even If I am a grand mom, I get raped. World is waiting for the day I will be in the cemetery, and I will be raped!

Every day you wake up and see a rape case, a rape case of a 5-year girl or a rape case of a 22-year-old girl or not even the rape of 65-year-old. Don’t the rapists have a mother, sister or a girl friend? We are the fools who live in the country where we worship and celebrate Navratri on the name of the goddess, a goddess who is a FEMALE God. Girls get raped by the bosses, pundits, god fathers and god men and its still on and on and on. And if a girl is raped, she stays put and keeps shut, because that’s what the society wants her to do.


But I don’t need you or anybody else to tell me what’s to be done, did you support me when it happened to me? So stay shut. I don’t need a man, to pretend to be a nice one with a fake mask and rape me in the dark. I can stand on my own and fight the battle alone. My eyes don’t trust men anymore, I see every man with the doubt, and anyone can be a rapist. I don’t feel safe in my own house, my own city and in my own country. I would also want to tell I am a proud Indian, but only when I feel I am safe. My country is denoted with a name Bharat Mata (mother India), but Mata (mother) is raped every day.

I am not important; I am not a human being, I am not a living soul!

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