Difference between loving your body the way it is and being unhealthy

Difference between loving your body the way it is and being unhealthy

⦁    Embrace your body the way it is.

⦁    Your body demands to be accepted.

⦁    Don’t let the mind bully your body.


Social Media is full of these quotes nowadays but the wrong message is being conveyed to the people. In the name of loving your body, women are staying unhealthy internally and still loving it for the sake of social media. Loving your body is about loving the size and make yourself healthy internally instead, because you love it, right? You take care of the things you love and it is you BODY.

On what terms, it is right?

A healthy woman is not about getting size zero or working out for that waistline by starving yourself. A healthy woman is the one who stays fit in her size internally. Okay, your body demands to be accepted on its own terms but is it acceptable to be unhealthy and still loving your body for the way it is. Your body is like your home in which you’re going to reside forever so it’s your responsibility to take care of your body.


You keep the toxic stuff away from your home to make it clean and hygienic, a place to live in. Then why don’t we detoxify our body after consuming the toxic food? Blotting out the craving is an amazing feeling that one can ever have, but not detoxifying it after those calories that you have consumed is the real problem which leads to diseases in future. Reportedly, a woman’s body is very sensitive during the periods and consuming the processed foods during menstruation is a discouraging thing to do. Avoid sodas or other carbonated beverages during periods else it will cause bloating which is unbearable. The high-fat food and dairy products can actually trigger menstrual cramps because it contains arachidonic acids which are cramp-inducing. Your body is trying to tell you something from years:

“This is a time that you take a pause and take care of me.”

A poor nutrition leads to stress, tiredness, low self-esteem.

Being underweight or overweight is the real cause of many deaths. Being obese or overweight can increase the risk of heart attacks.

There is such a trigger in social media nowadays,

“Love your body the way it is” but the people are misinterpreting the real idea behind loving your body. Loving your body is not about consuming the food high in saturated and Trans Fats and still loving your body. It is not about make your body full of toxins internally and still loving it.

Loving your body is about embracing the size of the body and adoring it at every weight and keep yourself fit internally. It is about eating the right nutrients. It is about loving your scars but still working on to heal them.


It is important to work out and detoxify your body on the regular basis.

“Love your body size or body marks, but don’t make it the worst place to live in for you”.

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Most Googled things by women


You probably know, what are the most Googled questions. You might also know what most Googled trends of 2018 are. But do you know what women Google most on internet? When women are alone they take on the internet to search for anything and everything. You shouldn’t be surprised by the fact women search more than men on internet. Women search as basic as should I brush my teeth to as pervert as how to have an orgy. So if you are a chhori or even a chhora and wanna know what we surf the most when we are alone, you are reading the right post

Her own name:

Yes, girls search their own name just to see what comes up in search results. Most of them have a hidden desire to see their own name and profile in Google search as if they are celebrities but most of them get disappointed. Or they end up making a new year resolution that they will be famous within a year! (Very ambitious!). Girls are self-obsessed and this is the perfect example to prove it. Haha, i know you did that too. Why not do, when are pretty famous.

Does he love me?


Now this is a most confusing question, people say it’s tough to understand a girl but I feel it’s other way round. Girls are so soft, sensitive, emotional and so loving. Girl is one of the greatest creations of the God, it’s the men who are difficult to be understood. We don’t understand if he likes us or him like the best friend and so google baba rocks for this. At least we get to a point for a while.

Is the baby on the way?

Now this question has the highest searched records and the sad part is that its because of lack of sex education.  Women are still not aware of the facts related to this important matter of pregnancy. They rush to Google baba after every sexual encounter. Whether its excitement or query, this search item tops the list of lots of women. Search result gives hope to some and tears to others.

How to lose weight:


This is the most common concern women have on their minds. And they are always busy surfing the ways to lose weight quick and easy. Because we want to wear those cute little dresses too. So we surf this and please don’t judge us now. You boys are the reason we are so concerned about weight gain. You just don’t want to see the rel girl in us, all you care about is the flesh we carry.

Best place for Shopping:

No matter, if she wants to buy or not but adding to cart, is her favourite thing. She will search all relevant and irrelevant items and will keep adding to the cart. So this is every girl’s favourite time pass over the internet. Searching for new fashion items and latest offers is on the top of our minds.

About sexual fantasy:


People think only boys have sex on their minds but no honey girls are recorded to surf more than boys about sex and fantasies. Women search as first timer and as experienced ones also. They just want more and more of it!

These are the weird things that we girls keep looking at on Google. Crazy or weird but we do and will continue to do so!