Girl’s Life After #College

Why say the obvious? It’s a world known fact that college life is the best phase of life.

Carefree, stress-free and fun filled days and that too in abundance. Lots of friends, least of budget and still the best of the moments and memories.

But life takes an unexpected turn after college life gets over. While in college, every girl seems to have lot of confidence and even bigger dreams and ambitions of being ‘big in life’ someday. But all this changes and that too in stages. So what are real and drastic changes that the girls face after completing the college?

Job Search

While they start searching for jobs, that confidence and dream of being big starts shaking. In college, girls get used to get attention but while out in the real world as a job aspirant, they get ignored a lot which they are not used to. This brings their confidence level down to a new low.


At this stage, girls really start thinking about what their professional life will be and how difficult its going to be an achiever among the crowd of professionals. Another realization is that they cannot go in groups like the good old college days. When going for an interview, there are no friends to be with her in transport or during the interview. So she has to manage on her own.

While desperately trying to impress the interviewer, girls also realise that college language which they were famous for is no longer considered as ‘cool’. fuck ya, nope, don giv a damn gets replaced with yes sir, No sir and I will take care of it sir.

First Job

After getting a call that you have got the job, the dreams and confidence are again at the highest level, just the way these used to be during college days. But things start looking very different the very first day in office. First realization is that there is no ‘fresher’s welcome’ like college, infact no one seems to be giving any attention. A new girl in office is as lost as a kid on his first day in a theme park.


Lots of questions start bombarding the mind and heart and liver and intestine and what not. Am I looking ok?/is my dress appropriate for the office?/should I just bump into everyone and introduce myself anyway?/how and when will I have my lunch and with whom etc. the list of such questions is endless.

When the seat/work station gets allotted, girl is surrounded by many others but no one actually talks to her. All are busy in their own world. Sitting in an office so quite for 8 hours becomes very difficult especially when the girls are used to college canteen gossip for hours. She also gets uncomfortable from the quality of work point of view. No one is asking her what new she can bring on the table and what new ideas she might have about the work. Office just wants her to act like a machine and keep following the traditional work blindly.



College mates and boyfriends are cool to hang out with because they are immature, pure and childish but innocent kinda guys and more importantly they have time, lots of it. But after joining office life, it’s not the case. The childish boyfriend seems irresponsible now. You feel change in you and hence you expect your partner to change too. If you get non-stop messages during office hours, you will get irritated because everyone sitting around you in office seem so formal and artificially so well behaved.

All of a sudden, the requirement of a cool guy changes into a requirement of a responsible man. And hang on, parents also play their part very well in this. ‘You have graduated, you have got the job, so next step should be obvious, you should settle down now’, does this sound familiar? Oh yes, it does. If you are in any Asian country, this is the usual sentence parents use for their kids post college.

In short, life in real world outside college is very different. It is dynamic yet boring, its routine yet interesting, its artificial yet reality of life. iChhori suggests that you go out there and learn as much as you can. Try, execute, fail and try again with passion. Keep your cool, build your confidence and conquer it!

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Inspiring Women Achievers



The tree hugger, Kritika Khurana is breaking stereotypes by being a fashion blogger, traveler and a YouTuber. She is a proficient girl and a great influencer for this generation.

A Delhi based girl who is considered to be one of the best fashion bloggers on the internet. She is travelling all over the countries like Italy, Denmark, Canada, Copenhagen and London. She had been through so many flips in her life and reportedly, her personality changed after high school because she had been tortured in some ways. From being an introvert to such a confident girl now, it takes a lot of courage and confidence to use that fire within you to get that flame. Every girl owns that fire, she just needs to have a right platform and people who believe in her. According to her, “whatever you believe, you can achieve” and her weight loss journey is an example, she has lost over 17 kgs by believing in herself so yes, believing in yourself is the key and this 25 year aged woman can make you love yourself and how can you be ‘happy as a clam’ even going through some hardships in your life. She will make you learn that how you can let go the negative things from your life and go, live your life kind of attitude.


This crackerjack and astonishing girl will change your perspective towards the definition of a perfect woman. She knows how to live her life perfectly with imperfections and that’s what makes thousands to follow her. She is also known for the amazing hair colour that she owns and what one can say about her dressing sense, she carries every outfit quite elegantly and beautifully. This stunning woman is like a delightful cake and her outfits are like a cherry on it.

Dog lover? A big one she is. You can see that.


Kritika is very expressive and what else the social media seeks for? It seeks for the passion and enthusiasm and she has that in her genes because being an introvert, she expresses her thoughts on the social media so perfectly.  She’s a perfect package of passion and talent and she’s an inspiration for the girls who are working on their dreams. Being an aesthetic, she’s a girl with a pure soul. She gets inspired by her inspirations but she has no clue that how she is leaving her passionate mark on every girl by living her dreams.


There are many influencers that you see on Instagram or other social media platforms and she is definitely one of the best. She is one of the best influencer for today’s young generation.

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Many of us don’t even know the meaning of this word, however, faces this every random day. Cat Calling is an informal invitation given by men to women on the streets that too attached with lots of love in it where women are benefited with free offers of sex and any other pleasurable needs with no terms and conditions applied from their side.


It seems like women are born just to get harassed by men with escaping no corners be it any street, neighborhood, workplace and oh! How can I forget the safest place, HOME, where most of the molestation takes place within four boundaries and in return, it turns the life of a girl into hell. From a survey it is concluded that a male gender gets attract towards a female gender when she starts getting hormonal change which appears physically like widening of hips, developing of breasts, appearance of pubic hair and growth spurt which make her mature enough to tempt but then how will we define the rape with a five year old and even with four and eight months old girl which has nothing to tempt? Is it true to say that its women who tempt men by their physical appearance or even by their dress up? It is not our fault that we are beautiful, instead, they should go all blind if they come up with this reference that women are the reason for increasing rapes in the country.


Personally, I have never met a girl who would say that she has never been catcalled or harassed by men. It looks as if we have been bestowed with this copyright without asking for permission. Can you imagine how it feels like being touched by someone that too inappropriately, without your permission? And you don’t even realize if it is good or bad and hence, this is the place where parents lack. Talking about such topics in the typical Indian family is a taboo, so with lack of knowledge we tolerate it for years and then end up making it no less than a hell. What do you think till which end it is acceptable if we take it individually? If you are in a process of becoming a lady or already a lady then you will or must be facing problems where men try to touch you in multiple ways, try to pinch your ass, grab your boobs, feel your vagina, which definitely makes you start thinking that you would have done better with a DICK instead of  a vagina as it happens with every girl living next door, replace that thought by making it your strength and only by being strong you can conquer those douchebags living at every corner across the globe. Will it be acceptable by our society if we start intimidating guys verbally, like this?-

  • ‘Aye sexy, bada mast lag raha hai kahan chala?’
  • ‘Aye, kya maal hai tu to bhyi’
  • ‘16 ka dola 46 ki chhati hai kya janeman?’
  • ‘Are aaj to bahot garmi hogae hai dekho zara isko itna hot lag raha hai’
  • ‘Iske achhe hain…
  • ‘Aye baby bombshell’


Will it? Yes, that is why it is unacceptable to girls as well. It is not cool to use words like slut, prostitute, and whore for a girl who says NO. And girls, if you start giving it back then only you will be able to stand for yourself, if a man looks at you do not get uncomfortable instead stare him back from head to toe, to show him that you are not afraid. Ignoring and walking away is not a solution, somewhere we need to take the risk and from there we can gradually change our surrounding.

It is not nice, none of it is nice.






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Sex Before Marriage: Why #Virginity of girls is such a big issue!

Do you know, there are people in this world who use white bed sheet on the wedding night to check whether the girl/bride is #virgin or not!

A girl is supposed to be virgin till she gets married. If she is not a virgin, she gets judged. boys want to get married to virgin girls only. what if girls start demanding the same status for boys? Boys can have sex with as many women as they want before getting married but a girl can not. If she does, she gets labelled as slut, prostitute, bad character etc. going by the logic its the guy who should be called a prostitute as he had sex with multiple women before marriage!

In countries like India, middle east and some of the African countries, virginity is considered to be a sacred thing. if a girl is virgin, she is treated as if she is the most cultured and moral human being around.

iChhori team went out on the streets of Delhi and talked to girls about the importance and relevance of virginity in today’s world. lets find out what these young girls of India have to say about virginity





Changes after losing your virginity or first time sex

Are you worried, are you still thinking about that day when you will give all you have to your man? Are you scared about the first encounter with your male partner for sex? Or you have just done it and lost your virginity? If this is all in your head you have to read this.

Loosing virginity is not a big issue, but yes when this happens then body will respond to this action. So here are few things that might happen if you have lost your virginity and you are regularly having sex post that.

Size of the Boobs:


Yes, girl, your boobs will turn bigger and firm. This happens when your hormones get activated or satisfied after sex. So now you will see a change in the size of your boobs. Don’t worry they won’t turn that big but yes bigger than before. A little more tempting and sexier! So get ready for attracting more attention from boys than before.

Sensitive Nipples:

After the touch during sex, your nipples are likely to turn more sensitive. This happens because after sex the blood flow in nipples is more and this causes sensitivity in that area. Which means your nipples turn harder easily now and when he is around you get goose bumps. So enjoy that feeling while you can!

Flexibility of the Vagina:


After sex, your vagina is more flexible. Repeated sex will make it more elastic and reduce the pain that you go through during intercourse. Vagina not only becomes flexible it also becomes more responsive to the touch of the Penis and hence lubrication improves. Once lubrication and flexibility improve, the pain gets replaced by the extreme pleasure. Vagina has got a great flexibility and it can get stretched upto 8 inches and hence stop worrying for his size and just care for his touch.


Yes, some girls do bleed after losing virginity. This can vary from person to person. So it might be because of a tear that happens inside the vagina. The hymen is just like a thin layer which gets broken and you may or may not bleed. The bleeding bit gets adjusted over the time and body naturally takes care of it most of the times unless there are some medical reasons involved for certain female body types.

Change in Periods Cycle:

For some females, there is a delay in periods and for some periods arrive early. It is true, sex has a positive side towards periods but first sex can lead a change in cycle. That may take your periods to better stage. And in some cases the periods get delayed or in some cases the periods arrive early. This is not a serious issue and you should not worry as much about it.

Glowing Skin:


Now, this is a natural gift for you, that your hormones are satisfied you tend to have a glow on your face. It will make you look pretty and attractive. You look confident and attract lot of eyeballs. It is not only biological bit also the practical that you get glow on your face after you start having sex. You put all your concerns, queries and anxiety about ‘first time sex’ to the rest and hence you feel relaxed and relieved. This relaxed and satisfied feeling makes you look even more attractive.

Emotional Changes:

After start having sex, you are more emotional, happier, sad and crazier than before. You have mood swings as you are undergoing some natural changes and the anxiety to explore more or to satisfy your partner might increase. And hence you tend to have changes in your emotions.

Just relax and give yourself some time and your mind and body will respond positively to this new and beautiful phase of having sex with your partner. God has created a beautiful YOU and you are blessed with very attractive and sensitive assets of the body. Live your life happily and enjoy the natural gifts the God has presented to you. Be happy, be healthy and more importantly be iChhori.

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Pimples Treatment: How to get rid of pimples

I am 17 and my friends say that I am too hot. Because they think my hotness is coming out of face, yah, you guessed it right. I got too many pimples to handle each day. Rather than looking at boys I spend too much time looking at my pimples. I know you too have this trauma in your teen age. Although it’s natural to get pimples on the face; but it’s equally natural to take care of the skin form the pimples. Whether you have happy mood or bad mood during pimple phase of your life, depends upon how other people react when they see you. You don’t need to judge yourself every morning by looking at your pimples in the mirror. It is important to be calm, composed, caring and self-loving to tackle pimples. This article contains some of the best natural tips to take care of your pimples.

Almost all teenagers have pimples and acne problem. It happens when an oily substance called sebum closes the pores of the skin. A pimple usually pops on the face, neck, back, chest, and shoulders. Acne isn’t a serious health risk, though severe acne can cause permanent scars. Acne can also damage self-esteem. Being an iChhori, you cannot let a pimple and its scars ruin your lifestyle. We strongly advise you to keep checking health section on to keep yourself equipped to take care of your lovely self.

You wake up in the morning and you are all set to go to college. You look into the mirror and get horrified. Oh, holy crap, pimples, God no. But the question is what this pimple is? How do you get rid of this? Acne looks like whitehead, blackhead, papules, pustules, and nodules. And we have a solution for you. Here is some natural treatment that will help you to get rid of those stubborn pimples.

Tea tree oil for spot treatment

tree oil

Tea tree oil is extracted from the leaves of the tree Melaleuca, it’s well known for its ability to fight bacteria and reduce skin inflammation.

How to use:

  • Combine one part tea tree oil with nine parts water.
  • Dip a cotton swab into the mixture and apply it directly onto a pimple.
  • Repeat one or two times per day.

 Green tea: great treatment


A lot of people drink green tea for health purpose and it’s also the best medicine for your pimples. Green tea contains flavonoid and tannins, which are known to help fight inflammation and bacteria that may cause pimples.

How to use:

  • Steep green tea in boiling water for 3-4 minutes.
  • Allow the tea to cool.
  • Apply it to your face with a cotton ball or spray it with a spray bottle.
  • Leave it for 10 minutes or overnight, and then rinse your face with water.
  • Apply 2 times per day, if needed. It can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

These are some of the cures for your pimple problem. You can try other natural ways also to take care of your tender skin. iChhori suggests that you are like a blooming flower in this age and you should let yourself grow naturally as much as possible. Just take care of yourself along the way and do NOT try chemicals to ruin your naturally beautiful soft skin. Take care and love yourself. You are beautiful the way you are. How do you see a flower and say it’s not beautiful, can you? of course not!



#Stress and Its Effects

Are you stressed? Well, who isn’t?

We all have a bit of stress in our lives. From a kindergarten kid to the grandfather of the family, all have stress in their lives. This lifestyle stress is causing a hell lot of problems for our happiness and health. Do you remember your last visit to a gyno or any specialized doctor? Did he spell the word stress out? He would have, because, stress has a clear impact on our body and invites various lifestyle diseases. Do you know stress can result in the change of serum in many hormones?  And for a female, stress can be a life changing disaster. Let’s get to know the main problems that you can face if you deal with a lot of stress.



This is the most common yet very frustrating problem found in women nowadays. The main reason for this problem is the stress.  It is a hormonal default and occurs in the reproductive age. This causes pain, frustration, irritation, mood swings etc. to the women and at times, leaves them without the happiness of conceiving. The doctors have still not found out the exact treatment for it and are struggling to permanently cure it.

Heart disease:

Stress interrupts with the flow of blood and this can cause blockage in the heart. This causes heart attacks and other heart diseases. Stress has a great impact on the flow of blood. So manage your stress level before it starts managing your blood flow!



Obesity is the most common problem of modern day society. From kids to older age groups, no one is missing out on this disease (yes, it is a disease!). It is not only a physical problem but also an emotional one. It ruins the mental peace of a human life and takes away all the fun from it. With the increase in the stress levels, the person starts gaining weight, which leads to obesity.  So stress can reduce your happiness while increasing your mass!


Stress brings with it a hangover like headache which is constant throughout the day. The most common problem with the stress is the head ache. Head feels heavy and it seems to stay forever. When stress level is high, head ache becomes a daily problem to deal with. Bigger problem is that the regular headache can turn into the migraine.



Have you realized that when you are stressed, your power of thinking positive goes down the drain. You just can’t come out with a good thought or a plan. Stress kills your thinking power, and that blocks your mind from any kind of positivity. That is when you get stuck at a particular thought, this generally happens when something not so good comes across. Stress develops depression and kills the human mind. This at times, forces people even to take their own lives.

These are some problems that can turn your life upside down. Just a six letter word stress can make your whole life hell. You need to avoid doing all those activities which give you stress and you should move to the things which give you happiness. Leave the work-load in your school/college/office/business premises and go out there to have some ‘me’ time. Relax, have fun and add a bit of life to your life. Stress can make your life hell; you need to kill the stress before it kills your life!

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#MOM: Mother Daughter Relationship

One thing that you can never rate is the intensity of the relationship with your mother. What makes a mother the mother? She gives birth to a child and promises to watch over, love, nourish and protect the child forever. My equation with my mother is a mix of love, lots of care, sweet arguments and some real quarrels. Most of the times we fight it out on home decor. We are like best friends more than enemies. We discuss, we argue, we scold each other, and we take stand for each other. What I like in my mother is her positive attitude towards pretty much everything. My mother is full of all those good traits that the adults as well as children want. She is a sensitive, smart, emotional and yet a strong woman.

Our relationship is much more than of a mother-daughter relationship, because we share a special share of time that only we can remember for the rest of our lives. This is the most beautiful relationship that you can ever have in your entire life.

I have inherited many qualities from her, such as, she and I both keep the place clean where we live in. Sometimes this cleaning habit creates issues for both of us. We forget where we put our important stuff in our home and then we argue about it with each other. The values that I got from my mother have made the strong foundation of my life. One thing that I have never been able to achieve like my mother is the level tolerance that she has. She suffers a lot everyday but still carries that sweet smile and positive attitude. I can’t do that in my life. I do not have that level of tolerance which she has.


As a daughter, my mother also teaches me, how to tolerate things and how bravely I can manage problems in my future life. The thing is I am not living in a society where girls are only meant to be a housemaker. My society is different from the society which she had while growing up. Every mother gives values to the daughter that she learnt from her mother. It is a typical Indian tradition that very mother-daughter follow. Seeing my mother facing the problems is a torture for me. She faces problems and I feel the heat as if fireballs have been thrown on my body. At times, I play as if I am the mother of my mother and I encourage her to fight for the right.

Sometimes a daughter like me, need a parent not a boyfriend and a friend. When daughter faces big challenges of her life, the only person who helps her is her mother. My mother has always been there for me in such big challenges. As a daughter I know what makes my mother happy so, sometimes I become her toy who brings her smile back on her cute face.  Like she loves when I cook something for her. All though, she taught me everything but I love to make her happy by doing some small things for her.

I want to keep her happy always. She is so adorable; she is cuter than a baby. She is my inspiration, she is my strength and she my joy.


iChhori salutes all the mothers! Mothers are not mere human beings, mothers are a feeling, mothers are an emotion, and mothers are LOVE!



Top Honeymoon Destinations – India

I am the one who was more excited about Honeymoon travel plan than the marriage itself!

I spent more time planning my honeymoon than I did in planning my marriage. Any teenage girl would picture the couple strolling on a beach or in hills holding each other close. Same has been my memory for ages. I used to get excited, blushed and very happy thinking about the honeymoon. And let me tell you by experience that Honeymoon is the best thing that will happen to you post marriage. Have you been waiting for the honeymoon for long? If your D day has arrived and you are almost about to leave for the honeymoon, where you both will come very and very – very close to each other, then keep reading this article. We have shortlisted some great locations for your Honeymoon, so keep reading and keep dreaming (you know what I mean!



Do you think this place needs an introduction, no it does not. This is the most amazing place for the newly married couple. From the happening nightlife to the luxury resorts to fancy hotels this place has it all what a young couple can crave for. If you want to enjoy the romantic beaches and dance in the moonlight then this is your place for honeymoon. Goa is world famous to host honeymoon couples. The casinos and vibrant tourist bring life to Goa and you just don’t feel like coming back home to your normal married life. There are plenty of good hotels and resorts in Goa to make your stay memorable. You can choose the place depending upon your budget. And yes the food is great. After all you need energy to have a good honeymoon, no?



 If you want to add royal style to your modern love then Udaipur is the city for you. You are his queen and he will treat you like one once you are in this city. Spending romantic nights in royal palaces will bring the Ghoomer fantasies back to life!

Located in Rajasthan it has the desi yet high class touch to it. Be it the food or the stay you can get the best of India here.  Udaipur has one of best hotels not only of India but the world. If you don’t know this yet, let me tell you that Hollywood celebrities to the presidents of USA, all have stayed in Udaipur because of its royal and classy and still down to earth culture.



From spices to coffee, mountains to lakes, Munnar is the paradise of south India. This peaceful place can be your choice if you want to relax away from the noise of messy cities and enjoy your bedroom tales. Sipping the authentic Indian tea while looking at the vast and beautiful Tea plantations will make your day memorable one. And if you want to head up and camp in the green hilly area that will be your best night under the sky. And the houseboat will take both of you to a different world and be careful it might make you bit naughty as well.

Where to Stay:

  • The tall tree
  • Grand Plaza



Your honeymoon deserves the memories in the heaven on Earth and heaven on Earth in India is the Kashmir. It’s also known as mini Switzerland.  If you just want to remember the love and love bites from your honeymoon and not the hefty expense then Kashmir is the place for you. Tulips, icy lakes, apple gardens, people and the food you can have all of these at one place and it’s called Kashmir. And how can you even miss the strawberry valley of Gulmarg?

Where to Stay:

  • The vintage
  • Royal Park

Now that you have come across some beautiful places to create your honeymoon dreams, I suggest you start packing your bags. Be happy and be safe and yes, the advice from iChhori, do not forget the contraceptives!





Make it better honey – How to improve your relationship with him

Problems are a part of a happy life. Infact, arguemnts and breakdown make a relationship better. If you two do not have the problem, how would you know what love is. Bold and independant  chhori is bound have friction with her boy anyway. Good part is that with every problem there comes a set of solutions. And if you have come to ichhori, its almost sure that you are one of those who is looking for some solutions to make your relationship better. If you do not know how it feels to loose somebody, you cannot know what its like to be with each other. If you feel your love ride has started to get bumpy, it’s time to add the oil of love to your wagon:


You have to understand the problem first. If you don’t understand the reason why you and your partner are feeling the friction, you both will have hard time find the right solution. So take a breath, hold on to a cup of your favourite coffee and talk to yourself. You will be surprised to know you’re your on self is so clear about the problem.

Take a break

Being always busy with the normal life, needs a break or a holiday. And this is a right time to pack your bags and escape to some beautiful place where you both can spend some quality time with each other. You will realize how you had forgotten each other in the hurry of living the busy days.

Surprise him


He loved the way he used to surpise you almost on every possible occasion. Wouldn’t he love the same if you start surprising him? Show him your typical iChhori skills aand make him fall in love with you all over again.

Spice things up


Romance and witt plays a key factor in a happy relationship. You can start by texting him something romantic and spicy to set the mood. Spicy surprises will definitaley make him love you more, afterall he the male! Closer the better and Better the closer.

Focus on giving love

You are busy and you have your own set of issues but hang on, he has got similar issues too. So stop nagging and start showring some delicate love on him. Be more lovable and loving and let him know that he is still the king of your little softy pinky heart.

#Throwback – Cherish the old days


Now this an important part, both of you seem to have forgotten the golden old days. You both meant everything to each other. You could sit for hours just looking at each other. And those flirty glances and text messages were pint of spice everyday each day. Relive that memorable time and rewind.

Let go of expectations

Stop expecting the stars from him. He is a normal living creature and is very busy with his life. So you need to be realistic and practical in expecting emotional as well as physical demands from him. Let go of expectations and take him in your arm the way he is. More you will explore, more you will find live hidden in his arms. ‘Chalo ek baar phirse, ajnabee ban jayen hum dono..’.

Be a bold yet sensitive chhori and give him so much love that he cant see anything else beyond your cute, loving and seductive smile!