Difference between loving your body the way it is and being unhealthy

Difference between loving your body the way it is and being unhealthy

⦁    Embrace your body the way it is.

⦁    Your body demands to be accepted.

⦁    Don’t let the mind bully your body.


Social Media is full of these quotes nowadays but the wrong message is being conveyed to the people. In the name of loving your body, women are staying unhealthy internally and still loving it for the sake of social media. Loving your body is about loving the size and make yourself healthy internally instead, because you love it, right? You take care of the things you love and it is you BODY.

On what terms, it is right?

A healthy woman is not about getting size zero or working out for that waistline by starving yourself. A healthy woman is the one who stays fit in her size internally. Okay, your body demands to be accepted on its own terms but is it acceptable to be unhealthy and still loving your body for the way it is. Your body is like your home in which you’re going to reside forever so it’s your responsibility to take care of your body.


You keep the toxic stuff away from your home to make it clean and hygienic, a place to live in. Then why don’t we detoxify our body after consuming the toxic food? Blotting out the craving is an amazing feeling that one can ever have, but not detoxifying it after those calories that you have consumed is the real problem which leads to diseases in future. Reportedly, a woman’s body is very sensitive during the periods and consuming the processed foods during menstruation is a discouraging thing to do. Avoid sodas or other carbonated beverages during periods else it will cause bloating which is unbearable. The high-fat food and dairy products can actually trigger menstrual cramps because it contains arachidonic acids which are cramp-inducing. Your body is trying to tell you something from years:

“This is a time that you take a pause and take care of me.”

A poor nutrition leads to stress, tiredness, low self-esteem.

Being underweight or overweight is the real cause of many deaths. Being obese or overweight can increase the risk of heart attacks.

There is such a trigger in social media nowadays,

“Love your body the way it is” but the people are misinterpreting the real idea behind loving your body. Loving your body is not about consuming the food high in saturated and Trans Fats and still loving your body. It is not about make your body full of toxins internally and still loving it.

Loving your body is about embracing the size of the body and adoring it at every weight and keep yourself fit internally. It is about eating the right nutrients. It is about loving your scars but still working on to heal them.


It is important to work out and detoxify your body on the regular basis.

“Love your body size or body marks, but don’t make it the worst place to live in for you”.

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Self Love: I Am My Favourite

Close your eyes and whisper ‘LOVE’ silently to yourself. What happens? An unexplained sacred feeling breezes through your heart and mind, leaving an innocent smile on your face. If you look around, you will find love everywhere, lots of it. That sparkle in the eyes of that girl who just walked past you, a glance which a cute guy is sharing secretly with the girl sitting next to him on parking bench, an old but warm hand of a grandfather holding a tiny finger of a naughty baby walking around in your colony, teen age boy hiding his excitement while looking at a gorgeous but married lady in the mall. Love is not a word, it’s a feeling and this feeling is as delicate as feather, as strong as rock, as vast as sea and as natural as God!

No one ever could define LOVE. If love is not defined, how do you know that you are in love with someone OR that someone is in love with you? I, once, asked one of my friends about love and she threw two lines at me-

अपने ज़ुल्मो सितम का जरिया न बना मुझे,

सजा ही देनी है गर, तो मुझसे इश्क़ कर ले!

She said that complex answer is hidden in these two lines. These lines reveal that you are in constant pain if you don’t get love from the one you love and if you do get love, you are in pain for not getting enough. Expectations are never satisfied, it’s a human nature.

Either ways iChhori thinks that being in love is necessary, if not with someone else, then with ‘you’. The #SelfLove is one of the purest and selfless kinds of love. Why suffer heart break by someone else when you can love your own self.

Why fall in love with someone else when you can rise in love with yourself?

Let us help you in falling in love with ‘you’. Here are the open secrets which will make you ‘eligible’ and available for yourself-

Pamper ‘you’

You brought best of best cards for him from the Archie’s, you had sleepless night just deciding what could be the best line to pen down on that card for him, you went through thousands of shirts in the market to choose just the one for him! And he walked over you like he walked over a floor tile. Let’s have one more sleepless night thinking about what could be the best gift for ‘you’. Which poem will bring that lovable smile on your face? Which dress will make you look seductive to yourself? It’s high time you looked after yourself the way you wanted to look after that dumb butt. Make yourself happy and make yourself dream!


Know ‘you’

Do you know that you have the best and cutest smile in the town? Do you know that your neckline can make guys dream about unimaginable fantasies? Do you know that when your friends are sad the first person they call is ‘you’?Just look at yourself with a positive spectacle and you will kiss the mirror more than you can imagine!

Ignore perfectionism

Do you know that Sonam Kapoor (yah that gorgeous chick!) has lots of stretch marks on her body? Do you know that hunk you fantasise about has got severe back problem? Yes, I am talking about Hrithik Roshan. No one is perfect in the world and trust me it is a very good fact because perfection is boring and it’s predictable. Accept your beautiful self and enjoy being in your own skin.

‘Me’ Time

When was the last time you sat with yourself and both of you watched your favourite romantic movie together? I can guess that its been a while. So give yourself some time and enjoy own own company. It will help you to know yourself better. You will have some good memories also of you.

‘Gift’ yourself

You did something great in college, you won accolades in your office or you got compliments from your neighbourhood aunty, you need to celebrate this recognition. Go out, eat well and gift yourself something nice. If you do that, trust me you will love yourself even more.

‘My’ hobby

When you were little, you used to dress your doll better than Ritu Beri ever could.

And then ‘life’ happened to you and you lost your interest. It’s time to revive your interest and prepare a pretty dress for ‘you’. Develop your hobby and get lost in it whenever you get ‘Me’ time.

If your loved ones are asked, what she has been doing, iChhori would love to hear a complaint about you that ‘she is always lost in herself’