4. #WhyShouldiShutUp: Small OR Big?

Nobody knows what is going to happen in next second but we often assume things to be normal. One day I assumed that it is going to be the best day of my life because I am going to meet my biggest inspiration SHAKTI MOHAN.

I got to know about her event a night before and in the morning I am all packed up to meet her in person. The funniest part is that I woke up before my alarm today and on that matter of fact mom says while seeing me awake “I wish you could do this more often, to save your ruined life”.  I ignore her sweet and bitter dose and rush to leave for the event.

Kavya (my best friend) is waiting for me downstairs who is guiding Ola driver to reach the pick up location and I, meanwhile is lacing up my shoes. Sunglasses check, outfit check, hands free check, gift for my lady check, oh now I am all set to rock the dance floor, flipping my hair. That we leave for the event my heart beats are increasing with the decreasing distance of the destined location. It is a day I have been waiting for so long and I waiting for my kind of a dream to come true. There is not even a single second that I have not thought about her. We reach the drop location and I feel that it took us no time to reach here perhaps I am wrong as I am not in my senses.

The event has started already and I get my breath back when I get to know that SHAKTI MOHAN is not here yet. So, after waiting for an hour or two, I finally get to meet her and besides, I get to share same stage with her which is no less than a miracle for me. She is such a beautiful soul and I can’t deny that I was on the cloud nine at that time. I hug her and tell her how much I respect her struggle. I tell her “She is a perfect example all the women can look upto” So it is actually a grand moment for me which I am going to cherish throughout my life. After the end of the event Kavya and I both agree to go back by metro which is kind of a fun ride for us as for many others in Delhi. So we board the metro. I am feeling totally high and Kavya is poking me for behaving insanely in metro. We are actually laughing a lot and our station (Rajiv Chowk) is about to arrive. So we, with the rest of the crowd approach the exit door to get down. Metro gets slow, Kavya is standing beside me and she does not look comfortable but I ignore it because I am in my own world of excitement after meeting Shakti Mohan.


When we start getting off the metro, suddenly Kavya screams at a guy and tells me “this guy grabbed and pinched my butt, that too 2-3 times.” It made both of us so furious that we both kick that guy in front of crowd and hand him over to the security force (CRPF) to take rest of the action.

You see, how abruptly things change and some cheap guy just ruin your day. A disgusting move by a guy has made so big difference to our day. The incident has put off our moods. These kinda cheap people do not have any idea what a dignity of girl means. To them girl is just a meaningless, valueless object who they can feel, touch and abuse whenever they feel like. I wonder what happiness do they get out of these disgusting acts?

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2. #WhyShouldiShutUp: One Winter Morning

Waking up to this day is no less than a nightmare to me. I am expecting something terrible unwrapping this day and my gut feeling is very strong about ‘disaster on the way’. I am eating my breakfast with such wrong vibes that fruit jam tastes like bitter gourd to me. I don’t want to leave home today but calculating my leaves per month is forcing me to take my ass off the chair.

Missing two metro trains in one go is another omen for me that I shouldn’t take trains, I should rather use some other means of transport. So I choose to walk because office is not that far from my place. Although it is 10 o’clock in the morning but I hardly am able to see people because in winter people love to remain under cosy blanket instead of going out in the cold.

While walking I am in my own world of observing nature, chirping of birds, slightly visible rays of sun and scattering of moist fog, Suddenly, I notice a guy under a shady tree whose piercing eyes are more onto my private parts than my face, the distance between him and me is not that far. Now, you can’t blame my dress as I am not exposing even my face because of the cold weather. Ignoring him, I try to rush but suddenly I hear a voice of ‘CHIIIICCHHIIICH, Heyy..’ and my eyes followed the voice. I just look at him casually because it is not the first time that I have been teased by boys on the road. But he looked different than others, the way he was looking at me made me feel like I was an eatable item. He had a smile full of disgust on his face, and he was shaking and making vulgar gestures, I look at him carefully and get shaken up inside, the guy is MASTURBATING. I am in a GREAT shock! WTF just happened!


I am trembling in fear and unimaginable shock. I just wanna run away from that place but foggy weather and seeing no one around on the road, makes me scared even more.

I gather myself somehow and start walking as fast as I could. His disgusting act made me feel like I am not a human being, anyone can ignore me, and anyone can use me against my will and won’t even bother about how I feel about it.

How filthy, disgusting, inhuman and immoral it is. How can anyone even do such a thing? I am so much shaken up inside, my mind is too busy trying to clear that filth out of my mind but I remain silent whole day, not even a word about it or anything else. I just cannot talk, my mouth is locked!

I want to take some strong action against it but I can’t. I am scared of people judging me or rather holding me responsible for this incident. But for how long girls will have to bear this non sense? What else do we have to do to prove that we are also human beings? How do we convince them that we have a soul and it gets hurt too?

We all have to rise up and make a noise, a big massive loud shout about it. Let everyone hear for once and all that we are human beings and we need to be treated like humans! #WhyShouldiShutUp.

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