What is Camel Toe: How to Avoid it

Do you know what camel toe is? Well you must!

Camel toe is the outline of female genitalia means vagina that can appear when wearing tight clothing. If you are in public and your camel toe is popping out it can get you heaps of attention. Some might enjoy this attention and some might not.


In India, girls feel embarrassed if they are wearing tight underwear or legging and camel toe appears quite clearly. While in some other countries, showing off the camel toe has become a fashion trend. In fact it has become one of the bestseller on


If you are in a public place, office or public transport, camel toe becomes an awkward problem. It ruins your complete look when u just want to flaunt your toned figure and belly but the camel toe gets accentuated more.  It’s like that unwanted guest that pops out when you really have other plans on. So let’s share some tricks with you that can help you avoid this unwanted or attention freak guest-

The right size of jeans:

This is really important, will you believe that there are actually very few people who can find the right size of their pair of jeans.  So when we pick the wrong size, it creats an uneven fitting which keeps the genital area squeezed out between thighs. So always make sure when you pick the pair of jeans you pick the right size. And the jeans with a double layer of cloth at the genital area are the best picks.

Right innerwear:

Innerwear fabric is one of the main reasons that can make a hump out of your soft vagina. So try using cotton innerwear for a comfortable and good fit and this will create a balanced outlook. Be a wise girl and always choose the right kind of undergarments/bra/panty.

Sanitary Pads:

If you have tried your best in picking up the right kind of underwear and leggings but still see the camel toe then this trick can really help you out. Just place a pad or a sanitary napkin under your underwear and this will cover your flower evenly and avoid the toe. Pads come in all sizes and types so you can use the linen pad.

Right type of fabric:

Never go for fabrics like linen or anything that is very thin and has too much of elasticity. Try to use soft and comfortable fabric that can fit well on you.

Go for darker colours:

Light shades can make it impossible to cover the toe so if you know that the toe is a problem go for darker shades. Dark hides better, unless you want to really show it off!

If you are not being naughty and want to save that embarrassment in public, these tricks can help you in a big way. Ichhori says that go ahead and show off your personality not the camel toe. Guys should look at your level headed mind not soft skin between your legs!

Pics source: ShutterStock.