3. #WhyShouldiShutUp: 2 min into chat and he says, ‘send me yr nudes..’

Some days we really want to CARPE DIEM irrespective of its consequences. This day is one of them. After break up, it is my first morning. Bit sad but full of freedom. Crying on the night of break up is kind of ritual isn’t it? Well I followed it religiously and am feeling all relaxed after successfully completing the traditional break up process. Now the next step is to catch up with my girls for our own girly chit chat. I wake myself up and take hold of my phone to text all my girlfriends/ sakhi saheliyan. Suddenly, mom enters with my bed tea along with her refreshing taunt “Make your phone your boyfriend”. Actually, that taunt is more like a slap on my wrong choices of boyfriends. I am imagining mom with that thug style goggles and cigar after her pro level punchline.

I am basically on a hunt for some hot boys now and it’s been so long that I haven’t flirted with one. The search is too long that it is evening from morning and I am successfully getting failed so I decide to meet my best friend Kavya. She is the only one who is able to take care of my after break up tantrums and mood swings.

Guess what? Her cousin from London is visiting her and I am invited to meet him, which is no less of an opportunity for my broken heart to get repaired again! Besides, he is so hot and the moment we met, that real game of eye contact has started already. He comes bit closer and talks to me. He is been talking and my eyes are all over him, his moving lips, his eyes, his smile and his cheek bones. Everything about him was so good. He seemed not only attractive but also a very decent and intelligent guy. A part of me wanted to ask for his phone number buy I am bit shy to ask for it. So I leave it the way it is and head back home bare hands.


I knew mom would again serve her thug style taunt and while opening the door, she throws her ever sweet line at me, ‘oh, you came too early’/’Thoda aur late aate beta’ and I am like, mom please, not today. Irritated I entered my room but it took no time to cheer up seeing notification in phone that Kavya tagged me in a pic on Instagram. I knew, she would have tagged Kunal (her cousin) as well. I know of his Instagram account now but the problem now is whether I send him the follow request or wait for his request? After waiting for a while I sent him the request (I know, it just happened!).

Only I know, how happy I was but who knew it wouldn’t last that long. I message him, ‘Hi’ and the conversation starts. As imagined, he seemed like a nice guy and kind of gentleman as well. But few hours into chit chat and it starts showing who he really was. First he says “I just noticed something in you and I am sorry for doing that”, I ask him what is it? He says “it is nothing, just leave it.” So I get even more curious about what he s noticed about me in such a short while. He creates suspense just to force me to ask him repeatedly, and stupidly I did exactly that.

After all, he replies, ‘you have really good tits and ass’. I am shocked and blank!

A supposedly decent guy and a gentleman just turned into a very disrespectful and ill-mannered male.  Nobody ever talked to me like this and he doesn’t stop just there. You know what next thing he asked me for? He says, ‘I want you to send me your nudes’. It shook me up, how can somebody, whom I know only for like past 4 hours can ask me for my nudes? I obviously say ‘NO’ to him. And he sums it up by saying, ‘you are a whore!’ He ridiculed me for the things I didn’t do.


For an instance I started doubting myself, am I a whore just because I wanted to chat with a nice guy and tried to get to know him, just because he seemed nice and decent? His 5 minutes online chat made me feel disgusted. I deleted my Insta account out of frustration. I decided to keep away from so called ‘seemingly decent’ guys.

But it still makes me wonder why it is so hard for males to accept NO from a female? Is it an insult to their masculinity? Or they are just not used to it? They have been doing whatever they ever wanted for ages and a female saying NO to their disgusted fantasies is a blow to their ego. Well, sooner or later they will have to understand that a female is not a product which they can use at their will, female also carries a heart inside which beats and beats for all the right reasons. I appeal to all male population of the world that they better take a big size print out of ‘NO MEANS NO’ and paste on the their main door, when they leave the house, they read it out loud and then face the females outside!


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The relationship between body shaming and social media

After some research what the scientists have said that women are likely to feel worse about their body after seeing the pictures of other women. The online images have bad effect on young women and it changes the way they feel about their bodies, the confidence vanishes away.

The edited and the filtered images have a bad impact on the minds of the young women nowadays. The social media has actually pressured women to fit into society’s definition of beauty and perfection. The views that they have for their bodies and what they feel about themselves changes because they are more into fakeness of the social media rather being into themselves.


The trends in social media change every day and so as the interests of the women. One day, social media will woe women to have big breasts and the other day, it will haunt women to have small breasts. The newest trend nowadays is to have a curvy body with a small waist. The new trends and the looks that come along into the society in what women tries to get into and feels ashamed if fails to fit into the society.

The social media is making women horribly uncomfortable which leads to low self-esteem and lack of confidence.

The social media targets women to suffer from body shaming and negativity. It leads to eating disorders among young girls in high school and the university.

If we take the plus-sized women’s example, ten years ago plus sized women typically ranged from size twelve to eighteen, now the size span ranges from size six to fourteen. The slim-slender women are called as “Models” but the chubby models are called as “plus-sized models” so why do the plus-sized models are not called as just “models”.


Social media has an impact on the mental as well as physical health of the women. The women have no idea that how Photoshop play a great role in editing and removing the flaws from the images of the models. In some ways, Graphic Designers are to blame for this uprising of smaller sized women posted all over the media. These people are hired by editors to make models or people look a specific way.


I strongly believe that if we try to inherit the looks and bodies of the models then we will be just robots, not what we actually are. If social media would try and produce more positive viewing of different body types, women would feel more comfortable and confident about the way they look. Social media plays a major role in our life now and women are considered nothing more than objects to social media, based on how their bodies are.

Social media needs to start taking into consideration the strong negative effects that influence societies the averaged sized women.

Every other celebrity goes through the shame situation after those ridiculous comments.

Sonam Kapoor shared her picture without makeup and what she said was remarkable-

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