Women: The future of the world!

There is no doubt that in the modern times of rapidly growing India, females are leaving any stone unturned to make their strong presence felt.

On the 70th Republic Day of India (#RepublicDay2019), where the world waits to witness the Indian prowess, Lieutenant Bhavana Kasturi became the first woman to lead all-men contingent in the parade at Rajpath.

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Whole world watched the women officers of Indian defence doing all sorts of dare devil stunts confidently while they were being part of the Republic Day parade of the largest democracy of the World. The kind of stunts they pulled off before the millions of cheering audience, were definitely not meant for faint hearted. Captain Shikha Surbhi of Indian Army signaled Corps performing a standing salute on a moving motorcycle.

Not only on Republic Day, but also on daily basis, it can be seen that women have equalled or even out performed men in many areas of work. Gone are the days when women used to ask for equal rights, they don’t need to any more. They have made it ‘obvious’ that women are accountable for at least 50% growth of the world if not more.


On one side women have been taking care of their kids at home while on the other side they have been responsible for key missions of NASA. They cook for the family out of love and also run the chain of 5 star hotels out of passion. They give bath to their little babies and dive 700 ft deep in Arctic Ocean. There is no limit which women have not already touched but who is stopping at that? Who says sky is the limit, at least not for today’s women anymore!

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After a long, you learn the subtle meaning of life; you start to grow, chaining up your soul learning after being unwise for years. When you know, it’s time to upgrade your intellectual level just like a wine bottle opened up by the corkscrew. When you get to know the real meaning of love? That it’s not about inclining towards your partner and company doesn’t always mean security. Those kisses aren’t just contracts and holding hands aren’t all about promises. When you know the fairy tales are just an imagination but the true love is loving the weird person perfectly.

This is the point when you begin to accept your defeats and the failures positively, you’re no more getting distressed or feeling devastated about losing everything in your life. When peace and happiness is all you want.

You have grown up, now, ladies!!


Growing up is not about having no space for improvisation anymore. It is about improving yourself every day and still feeling for more.

With that elegant grace of a woman leaving all the grief your past behind, your heads’ up: eyes forward, leaving for the beautiful journey of yours. When you know that it’s time to explore every bit of your desire without thinking about the destination. Because who cares about that when all you want is just PRESENT!

Though you know that tomorrow’s plans are uncertain and sometimes future have that way of shooting down like a star in the mid-night.


You know that even the moon swallows the light of the sun but it still gives you a magnificent look. It’s time that you don’t wait for someone to pluck the flowers for you, but you decorate your own garden like soul. With every goodbye, with every painful separation, you grow- so beautifully!

“Oh, honey you really think she would stop cause the winds got wild? She was born to whip tornados with her hair.”

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