#TripleTalaq: The Theory Of Divorce

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#TripleTalaq: The Theory Of Divorce

#TripleTalaq: The Theory Of Divorce

  • What does the Quran say about the Muslim woman's hijab?

Muslim men don't want women to know their power. If we go back to the time long before the modern conventions, to a time where Prophet Mohammad was given a task of finding a solution to the women being attacked, molested or harassed. If a woman was wearing a Jilbab (a garment like a coat), the man is supposed to leave her alone as Jilbab is like a status and it makes a woman free and a free woman is meant to be protected but if a woman wasn't wearing a Jilbab then the men knew that the woman is a slave and they attacked her. This problem was gone to the Prophet Mohammad who faced many social and political situations at that time.

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