Which breast? Which BRA?

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Which breast? Which BRA?

Which breast? Which BRA?

You might not like to hear it but boys can recognize you from a distance not by looking at your face but your breasts. Yes, its true, even studies suggest that the first thing male notice in a female body is the breasts. You like it or not, boys are totally into your boobs, So you better take care of the lovely pair of breasts God has blessed you with. First step in taking care of your lovely babies is to find a right pair of BRA. Just like millions of females out there, are you confused about the right size, type etc too?. If you need some gyan

(knowledge) on what type of breasts need what type of bra, you are reading the right article. If you have seen people staring at yours and others breasts, you might have known by now that all breasts are not created same by the God. Different females have got different size and type of breasts. Its difficult to know what type of bra will be fit and suitable for your breasts type but doctors have identified the difference in breasts and given them names. That means the process of finding the right bra for each chhori can be made simpler if the difference in types is available. The selection of right bra goes beyond just the size. Apparently, there's also width, length, and support to think about. A bad pair of bra can be a problem while a right pair of bra can be better than your boyfriend!

Let's show you some breasts now-

East to the west:

The bell baby:

Round Round:


The teardrop:

The big and small or uneven breasts:


They are generally saggy and need lot of support. They have a fall downward. A perfect unwired bra is perfect for these breasts.

No breast is perfect breast, but a right bra can make them look very attractive. So choose the right pair of bra girls and let the boys stare at your assets, why deprive them of something dreamy?

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